Our Three Children Part Four; Nighttime Neccessities

The jar and a drink of water – two of our nighttime conveniences in the early 1900’s.  A vessel of drinking water, the dipper from the kitchen water pail filled with water, and the combination known to our family as the “slop jar” were for our peace and comfort.  They sat at the end of the hall upstairs in our three bedroom home.

Those surely must have been the early days of “drip dry” for I have no recollection of a Sears Roebuck catalog by the jar, and of course, toilet paper was unheard of by most people.

The jar was made of a heavy, very ornate cast china with a fancy lid and a metal handle for carrying.  It probably held about 4 gallons.  A vessel of art, it was embossed with flowers, probably the product of a china company.

On a little stand was a dipper of drinking water.  We all drank out of the same dipper.  My, such conveniences for our comfort!

I truly don’t recollect whose job it was to carry it down the stair steps every morning.  It was probably Papa’s for he was very considerate.  I am sure Mama washed it out and toted it back upstairs where is sat clean and fresh at the end of the hall, awaiting its nighttime visitors.  What a blessing it was for the tired and weary folks who needed it in the nighttime.

If I had it now, it would grace my living room with a lovely plant in it to bring back many memories.

I was nine or ten years old when we remodeled our home and added the wonder of wonders called the bathroom!  The tub stood up from the floor on short fancy legs and claw feet.  It stood away from the wall about six inches.  It was such fun to soap the oval and rounded rim when we took our bath and slide our naked posteriors around the edge with our feet in the water.  Much water dripped on the floor but it was such fun for my two sisters and me.  We all dried with the same bath towel and used it to dry up the water on the floor to avoid trouble, which I’m sure we would have had!


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