Today I am a Writer for a Travel Magazine…But Not Really

…but that would be really cool.

For one of the papers due this week I get to pretend to be a travel writer composing an article written with the journals I pretend kept during a 6 month long expedition to Rwanda to study the diversity of ethnicity and the effects of discrimination and war.

I spent all day watching a documentary on PBS about the 1994 genocide, then found, read, and took notes on 4 different articles on Rwandan ethnicity, pre-colonialism and post-colonialism.  The one about Hutu and Tutsi youth in Rwanda and the way they categorize and stereotype with clearly drawn lines between ethnicity was super interesting, as well as the one about the Twa; the indigenous people of Rwanda who were the first to experience social stigmatization, and are still considered the worst of the worst when it comes to Rwandan ethnic groups.  The are actually mostly ignored, unlike the Tutsi’s and the Hutu’s.

A Twa girl.

A Twa girl.


Hutu children refugees

Hutu children refugees.


A Tutsi survivor of a machete attack during the 1994 genocide.

A Tutsi survivor of a machete attack during the 1994 genocide.


Anyway, I am getting ready to watch Hotel Rwanda for the first time which will conclude my day of research.  Tomorrow I will work on my biopsychology paper talking about the 5 major structures of the brain.  It’s an exciting week people.



Also we are supposed to have a blizzard, apparently they have named it Draco.  Malfoy always struck me as cold like a winter day so I suppose it’s a good name.  School may be out tomorrow.  Snow days are the bane of my existence.


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