Greatest Weekend Ever

Best concert ever.  It was fantastic, you should have been there.  They sold out and earned their star at 1st ave.  That is awesome.  We had a great spot where we could see everything going on onstage; I was right next to the spotlight and it was hot.  I was dripping sweat.  I didn’t care.  My voice is still scratchy from all the screaming I decided to do.

I worked out on Thursday and Friday in a bid to get back on track.  It felt good, and I used some of the weight machines for the first time.  Did I already tell you that?  I can’t remember.  What I am most proud of though is the way I managed a weekend full of eating out.  I listened to my body and I stopped eating when I was full.  In some cases I gave away half my food before I even started because I knew I wasn’t that hungry.  I got a kamikaze pancake, buttermilk with pecans, blueberries, and walnuts inside and topped with more, for breakfast on Sunday morning at The Egg and I, and I was only able to eat a small sliver of it before that telltale deep breath happened.  I put my fork down and decided to not eat anymore of it, but I did finish my bacon.  It was perfectly cooked, what did you expect me to do?

I was also back at the gym this morning, although the original plan was to walk the trail at Spring Park, alas the damn park was closed.  It’s December 3rd and it’s 55 degrees out…open the fucking park!  I did 9.5 miles on the stationary bike at level 5 on the fat burning program and then worked my abs and my triceps and biceps.  Good for me!  I will pat myself on the back and suggest you do the same because I am sure you deserve it too.

We did some rearranging in our bedroom yesterday and decided to switch sides on the bed.  I’ll get used to it.  The good thing is that it is more comfortable to put my head on Trav’s chest when I am on the other side.  We also switched televisions with the office so now we have the mini smart tv downstairs.  Miss Alice says that’s not cool.

I decided to take the whole week to work on Day 34’s lesson about recognizing the feeling of fullness because it is something that doesn’t come naturally to me, this weekend tested my ability to listen to my body and take action on what it is telling me so I think I am ready to move on to Day 35.  Linda is still talking about recognizing body signs regarding fullness and today she talks about the telltale pause that generally happens at the moment of perfect fullness.  The pause is the perfect way to gauge one’s level of fullness and she says that generally correlates with the exact moment when you are perfectly satisfied with the amount of food you have already consumed.  At the pause I often dig back in and eat more for any number of reasons; it tastes super yummy, other people are still eating, I am not paying attention, I am with someone that I am afraid will make me feel guilty for not finishing my food, etc.  So I pause, recognize my comfortable fullness, and decide to continue eating anyway, after which I am uncomfortable and have to work at taking a deep breath because of all the food I shoved in my face.  How do I stop myself from doing that?  There are a number of things I can, and have done to make this less of a possibility:

  • Put a dirty napkin over my food.
  • If I am out at a restaurant, ask the wait staff to take my food away immediately.
  • If I am at home, get up and remove my plate from the table.
  • If I am with people who I think will make me feel guilty for not eating as much as thy think I should, I can put on my grateful face and wax poetic about how amazing the food was and become profuse with  my thanks, thereby making them forget that I only ate a small amount of what was prepared for me.
  • Last but not least, remember that my eyes are bigger than my stomach and reduce the portion sizes I put on my plate.

Have you ever eaten so much that as you burp from the meal the last bit of food you ate, that has not even made it to your stomach yet, comes back up?  I have.  It’s gross and I should probably aspire to not make that happen ever again.

The second motivation tip I want to talk about is a good one that uses some tricks I learned from one of my early psychology classes.  They call this excuse, “I am already skinny so what’s the point?”  BWAHAHAHAHA!  No I am not already skinny, but really this tip has little to do with that at all.  Instead they make the point that being skinny, or getting skinny is not the reason one decides to work out; it is a nice side effect for some people though.

The beginning of an exercise program should have a clear goal at its head, but it really can’t be just any goal.  Before beginning an exercise routine there are a few questions that should be asked and answered:

  • What is my goal?
  • What do I need to do to get there?
  • How do I want to experience this?

That last question is the most important one.  The way goals are worded makes a difference in how they are worked toward and achieved.  It is important to word your goals in a way that approaches success, and it is important to not use your goals as a way to avoid failure.  I will give you some examples of goals that are worded to approach success and avoid failure:

Goal One

  • I don’t want to be fat anymore so I will work out.
  • I want to fit into those jeans that made my ass look great so I will workout.

Goal Two

  • I don’t want to be out of breath after climbing the stairs so I will workout.
  • I want to make it possible to walk up the stairs without being out of breath at the top so I will workout.

Goal Three

  • I can’t eat donuts as often as I used to because they are unhealthy so I will make better breakfast choices.
  • Making better breakfast choices will help me get better nutrients and lasting energy, I will save donuts for special occasions.

Notice the wording, the first of each is negative and points out things that I don’t like about myself, but the second of each is positive and talks about what can happen when I make strides to workout.  It seems like it wouldn’t make much of a difference right?  It makes a HUGE difference.  Try it out a few times, evaluate your goals and try to find ones that could be revised to be more positive and encourages an approach to success instead of avoiding a failure.  You might be pleasantly surprised; you might decide I am totally full of shit.  Whatever happens, at least you tried and found out right?

Experience the journey in a positive way by making positive goals, and if that doesn’t work for you find another way to experience it in a positive way; even when it sucks so much that you want to throw in the towel and stalk off with your workout shoes in your hand instead of on your feet.

Today’s Takeaway:  Watch for the pause while you are eating, when it happens pay attention to the way your abdomen feels and try to accurately gauge whether you need more food or not.  If you don’t then take immediate action to deal with the food that is still in front of you.  Reevaluate your goals and reword them to work by approaching success instead of avoiding failure.


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