Oh Hi There!

It’s been a full fourteen days since I have been around here.  The week before last I was busy suffering with and medicating a pretty severe bladder infection.  My first sign that anything was wrong with me was when I started feeling really bloated all the time; I actually considered that I was reacting to gluten and considered very gluten free a try.  Then one night I got the chills and shivered my way through blankets with chattering teeth.  It began to burn when I went to the bathroom and on Saturday night I literally had to crawl up the steps to the bathroom because I couldn’t walk.  Allison took me to the clinic on Monday morning and I started Cipro right away.  It took almost two full days for me to feel better.

The worst thing about the whole thing is that I was sick while Allison was here celebrating her birthday at home for the first time in all kinds of years!  Bummed out.  Grrr…

This last week was spent working on getting caught up in my classes.  I was not able to focus on homework while I was sick but I wrote my instructors to explain the absence and late assignments and I was graciously given an extension, so I only lost points on Discussion and Participation.  I am actually really excited to start working on the final project in my philosophy class where I will be discussing women’s mental health, undertreatment, and social stigma.

While I was sick I was not much interested in food so while I was not following the daily journal I was eating relatively healthy, when I did eat.  Yesterday was another story.  I also obviously have not gone to the gym while I was sick or recovering.  I was going to go this morning but I woke up with a barking cough and a runny nose thanks to the germ factories in my home we call children.  I shake my fist at them.

Twelve days till Macklemore.  Jump around about it!  I am so excited!  I love going to music shows with Trav, Jon, and Amanda!  So awesome!

I have an idea for Jacelyn’s birthday since she wasn’t included in this summers big birthday party, but I don’t know if I want to talk about it yet because it literally only occurred to me this morning while I was in the shower.  I also have to pick out paint colors for Alice’s room makeover.  She wants a green room and I need to come up with an accent color for the Wall of Cats, for which I have received 8 of the art pieces I ordered.  She is going to love it!  I plan on doing the whole thing during Christmas break from school when Alice and Jacelyn will likely be spending quite a bit of time in Rochester.

I will be starting back on Day 34 tomorrow morning, I may not make it to the gym depending on my cough and what it is doing.

OH!  Travis and I will be going to Bakersfield in January for my birthday and despite the fact that I have to get on a plane again I am super stoked!

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, we will be going to my aunt Sheryl’s with my mom.  Green bean casserole get in mah belly!

I’ll check in tomorrow as I climb back on the wagon, but now, Chinese philosophy.

Alice’s Dread Doll is waiting to have her dress fixed.


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