Almost caught up!  Today was really uneventful, the kids went off to school, I did my Envisage work, then decided to do my philosophy reading, while curled up in my blanket.  Maybe the blanket was a bad idea, and the fact that Orange Soda curled up and fell asleep on my chest certainly didn’t help.  I fell asleep.  Hard.  I think I would fall asleep reading philosophy if I was naked and standing in a closet freezer surrounded by frozen beef carcasses.  I will never take another philosophy class in my life.  So boring, and none of these people knew what they were talking about, I despise them.  I find I have to dumb myself down to even complete the assignments, apparently putting myself in an idiotic mindset is all it takes to be an early greek philosopher.  Blech.

I made vegetarian chili and cornbread for dinner.  The chili is obviously super healthy, and super delicious, and the cornbread, while super delicious was not super healthy.  I had one serving of chili and one piece of cornbread.  I will be having more chili for lunch tomorrow because it really was yummy.  Jacelyn would disagree, she hates beans.  The rule of the house, you eat what  I cook or you don’t eat, she had two pieces of cornbread and gave the chili a try, it’s all I ask.

Since we have been talking about wasting food for the last three days today the book talks about serving sizes.  Adhering to correct serving sizes is likely the best way to get out of the habit of wasting food.  When you take the amount you should be eating in the first place you are not only eating a healthy portion but you are also cutting down on the amount of food you are wasting, especially if like me your eyes are bigger than your stomach.  What constitutes a serving size?  Oh what a question!  I can tell you that a serving of spaghetti is ridiculously small, it actually pains me to eat only one serving of spaghetti because of how tiny it is.  Fuck you spaghetti.

I think the best way to really understand what a serving size is is to get a scale to measure it out, and if you can’t swing that, use measuring cups.  Eventually it gets easier to simply eye the food and get the correct serving size.  However, serving sizes tend to grow over time so it is a good idea to revisit the scale or measuring cups from time to time.

When it comes to snack foods the author suggests splitting them into correct serving sizes immediately upon purchasing them, that way when you go to grab one you know that you are taking only the amount you need, one serving.  I think that if I was working right now or out of the house more often I would use this technique but right now I have my measuring cups to determine serving sizes, but maybe I will start doing it anyway as a way to get into the habit of it.  I won’t always be going to school online and when I start working on my masters I will have to be prepared to take healthy snacks with me as a way to avoid the vending machine and it’s death call.

Today’s takeaway:  Get to know what serving sizes look like and make it a point to stick to them.


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