Last night I jumped on my soapbox after being disgusted by the way my sister-in-law chooses to use the word gay as a derogatory term that means stupid.  Apparently my brother had to take an art class which she chose to describe as a gay art class.  When she was asked why he was taking a gay art class she responded with, “because he wants to be gay.”  Really Susie?  Really?  I thought child marriages were illegal in this country.  You are an adult, you should probably act like one.  My brother defended her choice of slur by telling me to lighten up.  Sorry Dan, not going to happen.  I said it directly to him then and I will say it again, just like Jew is not synonymous with cheap, and nigger is not synonymous with inferior, gay is not synonymous with stupid but people who use those words in that way are synonymous with ignorant.  I did not lighten up, but I did remove those particular bigots from my friend list on Facebook and from my life.

He feels quite persecuted as a white male christian (derpderp) because of my evil atheism that stands up against one religion being legislated over an entire country.  According to him he is simply a funloving jokester and I am the bigot.  I responded, without even touching the persecuted white male christian comment because really, that is absurd and idiotic, show me a persecuted white male christian and I will kiss your fake saviors feet for the rest of my fucking life, by explaining to him that I did not care what he thought of me because I give no credence to people who feel justified in using hurtful and derogatory slurs against an entire group of people in a bid to be a “funloving jokester.”  I simply do not allow that kind of bullshit in my home or my life and when you reveal yourself to be that brand of bigot I will remove you from both, no matter who you are.  Blood is not thicker than water,  You are no longer welcome.

I hope my niece never comes out as gay, and when or if she does I hope her mother and father have a good excuse for why they thought it was so funny and acceptable to degrade her.  My children, my grandchildren, and my great grandchildren, will never question my support, they cannot say the same.

Later in the evening I asked Trav if he had a family member or a friend who insisted that using the word nigger to mean inferior was nothing more than fun joking would he still want to keep that person in his life, his answer was probably not.  I am not overreacting, I am standing by my convictions.

Let’s move on shall we?

Today was the Sunday Morning Coffee Club reunion, without Smuff, oh the humanity!  It was lovely to sit and have coffee with Jen and Nique again, it’s a nice break from the week and gives me a solid footing to start the new week out on.  I ate a brownie with my coffee, I had more than two bites.  I’m wishy-washy apparently.  I also had popcorn and some soda at the movie (Paranormal Activity 4, total waste of time…STUPID), and we got Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza for dinner.  Nutrition obviously was not high on my list today.  I also have thrown exercise out the window for the last week.  Blah.

Today’s chapter talks more about wasting food and getting over the weird ingrained bullshit that surrounds it.  Money is tight for almost everybody right now, I can understand why we would try not to waste food.  For some people, throwing food away is near to impossible because of the way they were raised.  The author talks about training yourself to throw food away by leaving a pea-sized amount on the plate at the end of the meal and slowly increasing that amount each evening until you no longer have such terrible feelings about wasting food.  It’s not that hard for me to throw food away so this days reading isn’t as relevant to me as some of the others, but regardless her strategy is a solid one.  Breaking habits is done by training yourself to live in a new way.

Today’s takeway: Don’t be a bigot and quit having so many issues around wasting food.


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