Today was one of those days.  It’s Tuesday morning and I am trying to recall my mood and my actions from Saturday.  Hrmmm.  This is why it is important for me to keep up with my blogging.  The last time I did this I posted a lot of pictures with my words because it made it more fun.  It also made it more labor intensive and the simple fact is that I don’t have the time for that right now.  I think I slept in again and then Trav and I had coffee and made a grocery list that had sour cream raisin pie (for Uncle Larry), skinny pizzas (dinner tonight), and veggie chili (dinner last night) on it.  I also got garlic stuffed green olives and proceeded to eat the entire jar in two days.  It’s better than chocolate cake right?

As we were finishing up at the grocery store Trav started feeling icky and by the time we got home he retired to the bedroom and slept until he sent me a text asking for ibuprofen and vitamin c.  If you don’t know my husband you have no idea what it means that he actually requested a painkiller.  This is irrefutable proof that he was sick.  He doesn’t take medicine unless it is absolutely necessary.

We had originally planned to make the skinny pizzas for dinner that night but instead I forgot to eat very much and almost forgot to feed The Boy.  At 7 I made him grilled peanut butter with cantaloupe (not cannaloupe), strawberry greek yogurt, and hot apple cider, then I let him live it up and stay up a little later than usual playing Minecraft.  He totally loves that game.

We ate lunch at Kwik Trip, I had a chicken sandwich and dill pickle chips with orange juice.  Healthy huh?  I know I know.

Today’s chapter discusses wasting food.  I sort of touched on the idea of the clean plate club early last week, or maybe late last week, whatever, the time frame doesn’t really matter.  We are often told not to waste food, and we are told that we shouldn’t take more than we can eat.  Both of those are important concepts.  We really shouldn’t waste food, and one really great way to do that is by not taking more than we can eat.  But sometimes we take more than we can eat.  My stepdad has always said my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and he is right.  My eyes certainly are bigger than my stomach.  I have also had a tendency, as a parent, to finish the food on my children’s plates, because you know, we don’t want to waste food.

This concept is a point of contention between Trav and I, I don’t think it is healthy to force the kids to clean their plates, he disagrees.  We meet in the middle and give the children less food than usual so that asking them to clean their plates is not asking them to stuff themselves so full they want to vomit.  It still makes me uncomfortable and I still have to work on Trav to convince him that the clean plate club is not as wonderful as he seems to think it is.

The author gives a great example regarding wasting food by asking us to think about when we fill up our gas tank do we continue to pump more gas into the tank after it is full or do we stop when it is full?  If we continue pumping gas into the tank we are wasting the gas and our money because no more can fit in there in a way that will make our cars run better.  Eating more food in an attempt to not waste it by throwing it away is also wasting it.  Wait…what?

When we eat more than we need we are wasting food.  How you ask?  Because the excess food doesn’t give us any additional health benefits, instead it just sits around and turns into fat.  I can waste food by throwing it in the garbage and actively take care of my body at the same time or I can waste food by putting into my body and letting it turn into fat that slows me down and kills me early.

It’s a no-brainer right?

Today’s takeway:  Throwing away food does not make me a bad person, but I should actively try to reduce the portions I cook as a way to minimize the amount of food that is thrown away.


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