I was so excited to write this post last night.  I love the two bite guideline when it comes to eating desserts, and I really wanted to talk about it.  Then the day turned out to be pretty fucktastic and I decided not to write, but to eat instead.  You heard me, I ate, a lot, and I didn’t work out.

First things first, I went to the doctors office today and got a refill.  I also stepped on the scale.  I have lost a total of 5 pounds which is exactly where I should be, about 2 pounds a week.  High five to me.  Then I ate a sub and a bag of dill pickle potato chips, and then Travis took us out to eat where I had an oriental chicken wrap and french fries.  And ice cream.  Yep, I also ate ice cream.  I am not sure about the calorie count of any of that so I just chalked it up to 2000 calories and went with it.  Bad choices were mine yesterday.  I’m not proud, but I am also not beating myself up.

Enough about that.

TWO BITES!  What is so magical about two bites you ask?  Quite a bit apparently.  The author of 100 Days of Successful Weight Loss says that the first two bites of any food are the ones with the most flavor and subsequently the most effect on whatever emotion I am assuaging in my quest for emotional fulfillment through food.  As bad as emotional eating can be, it is something that we all engage in at some point or another, and it isn’t always bad.  Pumpkin pie makes me think of my Grandma.  Do I have to eat an entire pumpkin pie to think about my grandma?  Do I have to eat any pie to think about my grandma?  Of course not, but sometimes it is nice to eat pumpkin pie and think about my damn grandma.  So how do I do that without ruining my meandering path of health?  By eating only two bites of course!

Remember the first two bites of any food give me the emotional recharge I am looking for.  After those first two bites the rest is simply eating mechanically because I have been taught that clean plates are important.  There are starving people out there!  Yes, there are, but my getting fat because I feel bullied into eating everything on my plate isn’t going to  help them.  The first trick to this is understanding that the first two bites are the ones with the most flavor.  The second is that during those first two bites I must savor the shit out of the flavor, the texture, and the emotional boost I get from them.  If I take my first two bites and barely give myself time to taste them then I am not getting what I can from them.  I have to use those two bites to my advantage.  After the first two bites I need to push my plate away and think about whether I need more.  Remember not to confuse need with want.  Do I want more pie?  Hell yes.  Do I need more pie?  Hell no.

I can give that pie to someone else, or I can simply throw it away, or I can ask someone else if I can just have two bites of theirs so I am not wasting the rest of a piece of pie that I am only planning to take two bites of.

Today’s takeaway:  More than two bites equals eating without awareness, and eating without awareness means empty calories that I don’t need.  I don’t have to go without the things I love, I just have to eat them with awareness.


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