Today was literally beautiful.  Sunny, warm, and perfect for a walk on the trail in McIntire.  I loaded up on quality fuel; Greek yogurt and granola, grabbed my phone and headphones and took off for the trail.  1 minute in and my music stopped.  I started it again.  1 minute later, stopped.  Started, stopped, started, stopped, started, stopped.  This happened the entire time I was walking and by the end of the walk I wanted to throat punch someone.  I maintained my time from last week and felt fantastic afterward.  It is supposed to be beautiful again tomorrow so I am planning another walk.  I suppose it is important to get out to walk as often as possible before it becomes too cold.  I’m in Iowa, it could snow next week and we couldn’t even pretend to be surprised.  I am likely going to purchase a membership to the gym in for the when the weather stops me from walking.  They have a pool and many different classes I can take advantage of.  I am anticipating getting tired of working out in my living room and really want to have a back-up plan so I don’t start making excuses to stop exercising.

An update on Sweet Soda.  ROUNDWORMS!  Why am I excited about this?  Because it means he isn’t dying and has already been treated.  Very happy about this.

I am starting Week 2 in my Algebra and Philosophy classes.  Philosophy is STUPID boring.  I had to read Phaedos today and I feel asleep six times.  I haven’t finished it yet, but I will have to tomorrow because one of my assignments is based on it this week.  Blah…Socrates was a verbose kind of guy wasn’t he?

I went 22 calories over my allotted amount today and funny enough it is because I impulsively ate a fruit and cereal bar that was unnecessary.  It was filler not fuel.  I should have made a better choice.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Today’s chapter talks more about fuel vs. filler and why it is important to fill my diet with quality, nutrient-dense foods.  Lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.  Should I eat the remains of the poptart on the table after the kids leave for school?  No, because it’s filler not fuel.  Should I cut up a carrot, tomato, peppers, and cucumber for my salad for lunch?  Yes, because it’s fuel not filler.  If I add heaping amounts of dressing to that salad am I negating the awesome benefits of it?  Yeah, I am, and I shouldn’t do that to myself.  I have been finding it harder to stay under my calorie allotment lately.  The only difference in my diet that I can pinpoint is that I have substituted Greek yogurt and granola for the oatmeal I was eating at breakfast.  I am going to experiment and switch it out again to see how that affects my calorie intake.

Today’s takeway: Fuel not filler; every time.


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