I didn’t update yesterday because once again I was up until after ten studying math.  I haven’t even done any of the graded assignments yet.  I took the pre-test again for third time and got a 96%, which is a VAST improvement over the 36% and 65% I got on the first two I took.  Whoever said studying didn’t make a difference?  Oh wait…that was me.  I spent time revising my philosophy assignments before turning them in as well.  I was most excited about my philosophy course but my desire to learn the material and pass my math class has put philosophy lower on the importance scale.  I am suited to the work that is required in philosophy; I can pass it easily so it gets less of my attention.  This makes me a little sad but whatever, wrecking my fabulous GPA by not spending enough time on math would make me even more sad.  It’s all about priorities, and mine is maintaining my GPA.

I am totally in love with My Fitness Pal, if you haven’t checked it out yet I urge you to do so.  My friend Bex from South Africa sent me a FB message thanking me for posting about it and let me know that when she went to record the biltong she ate she thought she was going to have to record it as beef jerky, but they had an option for biltong.  So now I want to try biltong because I love beef jerky and Bex says it’s like a million times better!  Hint hint Bex…send me some!  We can make a trade, biltong for lip balm…YES!

I worked out like a boss yesterday.  I found a different cardio workout on LiveStrong Woman and did intervals between it and a butt toning workout and arm toning workout.  In total I moved through all three workouts three times for a total of 45 minutes and a bucket of sweat.  I have mentioned that I love LiveStrong Woman right?  There is such a large collection of workouts that I can do that I could move through a month without repeating a single one.  This is so much better for me for two reasons.  First, the “workout gods” tell me that doing the same workout over and over again is less beneficial and gives me fewer results because my muscles acclimate themselves to the work they are doing.  Second, I get fucking bored doing the same damn thing over and over again.  A new cardio each day and mixing my strength training with different workouts each day keeps things interesting and in the long run gives me an advantage, and it is one I fully intend to use.

Today’s chapter talked about telling the people in my life how I want them to support me.  Basically the author is reminding me that people cannot read my mind and if I need something from someone I need to tell them what it is if I expect to get it.  So , what do I expect from all of you?  Nothing.  What do I expect of myself?  Everything.  My support system is amazing, they do everything right.  Except my teenager who told me I have a saggy ass, but that is neither here nor there, because I am HER support system, she is NOT mine.  Also, I do have a saggy ass, for now.

This reminds me of a story from about 10 years ago, and it makes me giggle.  When we first moved to Rochester, MN from St. Paul, MN the girls and I were living with their father at his parent’s house.  Aunt Katie came over one morning and we were talking.  She mentioned that she had to start working out more because she could feel her buttcheeks touching the backs of her thighs.  I guffawed and said, “uh, Katie, my buttcheeks have never NOT touched the back of my thighs!”  HA!  Pretty soon I will know what she was talking about.  🙂  Then Jacelyn (the teenager) can kiss my non-saggy ass!


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