It’s a short one tonight friends.  First, I made it one whole week!  Huzzah!  Secondly, I kicked algebra in the motherfucking face this evening.  It has a boot print on it and it’s crying in the corner.  Third, I did not exercise today; it was grocery shopping day and the kids get off school early on Wednesday afternoon; I had hours of algebra and philosophy to tackle, and I decided that my attention was best spent there.  Fourth, I maintained my portion control and healthy food choices.

My book talks about being my own cheerleader and building motivation by reminding myself as often as it takes that I am capable of reaching the goal I have set.  Yeah, I am motivated like crazy, and I have a huge support system of smart and capable human beings behind me.  They never let me forget that I am capable.  I wish I could give them all fantastic things of happy as a way to thank them for their amazing support.  It makes a difference.

The other important thing that happened today was the scheduled call from my health coach that comes along with my insurance plan through Trav’s employer.  We save money on our premiums by taking part in monthly health coaching.  I can never remember her name but we talk for a good 20 minutes each time she calls and I absolutely love having good things to tell her.  She is very supportive and full of great information for me.  We discussed interval training today and I am planning to start an interval routine tomorrow morning.  She also let me know that they are starting a weight loss challenge that will go through November and December.  I am for sure signing up for that!

Today’s catchphrase:  “I can do this!”


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