First an update; we went to see Taken 2 last night.  If you remember from my post yesterday I said I was going to eat a handful of popcorn and skip the soda. On the way to the theatre I told Travis I wanted to buy a small popcorn as a way to limit my consumption (we usually buy a large).  I only made my way halfway through the small popcorn before I gave the rest to Trav, and I skipped the soda and bought a bottle of water instead.  It feels good to stick with my goals, even when they are pretty small.  Small goals eventually add up to big accomplishments.  High fives for me.

I started homework immediately after the kids left for school today, and thank everything good in the world I did because it took me 5 hours to do a small amount of math homework and 2 philosophy assignments.  This algebra class is going to kick my ass.  I took the Chapter 1 pre-test and got 10/28 correct.  It is discouraging, but on the other hand, it shows me very definitively what I need to focus on for the rest of this week before I take the assessment that is graded, and you can bet your ass I will get a better score than 10/28.  Blech.  School is going to be challenging for the first time since I started in August 2012.  This is a good thing.  Something that is not good is getting so caught up in homework that I forget to eat until noon, and then when I do eat being unable to eat more than half of what I usually eat.  I have to eat on a schedule, starving myself is not ok, even when it happens accidentally.

I waited until this afternoon to do my workouts, I found this video on YouTube from the channel LivestrongWoman and completed it using 5 lb. hand weights.  I loved it!  However, I have to decrease the weight on the rear fly exercise as 5 lbs. is a little too much for me right now.  I have 3 lb. weights as well, so this is not a problem.  I also did this video, also from LivestrongWoman.  Ideally I should be able to complete this workout entirely three times; I finished it once before I collapsed and hyperventilated for 5 minutes.  This means it is fantastic.  I will probably choose a different cardio workout tomorrow and revisit this one a little later in the week.  I am pretty impressed with this channel and will likely choose different routines each day to complete.

Today’s reading tells me that I have to protect my healthy eating and physical activity plan “at all costs” because no one cares about it quite as much as I do.  The author goes on to give me tools to protect my plan when I am in situations where “food pushers”  are engaging in food pushing.  For example, I am at a birthday party and the host offers me cake.  I can decline the cake easily and without offending anyone by using the catchphrase, “I’m going to wait a little longer.”

Potluck at work?  “Hey coworker!  That better than sex cake you made looks fantastic!  I can’t wait to have a piece a little later!”  Hey, it’s not my fault I got busy with a deadline and a little later meant that the rest of you ate it all.  There’s always next time right?

Thanksgiving dinner and Grandma’s most awesome pumpkin pie that she has always made with squash but always lied about so that I would eat it?  “That pie looks rad!  I am so stuffed from dinner that I will have to wait until a little later to eat a piece, love you and your fake pumpkin pie grandma!”  Chances are she won’t notice I never ate any.

The other suggestion the author gives today is to not talk about my diet.  This is relevant for those who find it more difficult to avoid food if they talk about it.  This is not me so I didn’t pay much attention to it.  Uh…I have a blog where I talk about my fucking diet.

Today’s catchphrase:  “not just yet” or, “I will eat some later” as well as, “protect my program because it is important to ME.”


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