I think my husband tricked me this morning.  There is a laundry service at his job to wash and mend his work pants every week and he is supposed to bring his dirty pants in each Monday to be picked up.  He forgot them and called me after the kids left for school and asked me to walk them to the plant.  I did, happily mind you.  That means I got my walk in first thing in the morning.  Thirty minutes of walking at a slowish pace.  Good deal.  He says it wasn’t a trick, I don’t believe him, but then I never believe him, like…ever.

I started my new classes this morning and when I got back from my walk I set up all the assignments and discussion questions that I need to answer and complete this week.  Monday is also my day to edit the previous weeks Envisage submissions.  With the new year still in it’s infancy I generally have about 220 posts to edit each Monday.  It sounds like a lot I know, but it generally only takes me about an hour and a half.  I also wash laundry on Sunday which makes Monday my laundry folding day, if I stay on task.  Sometimes that shit doesn’t get touched until Thursday.  Today I folded it after I had finished everything else.  Everything else included some strength training with a focus on my ass and my abs.  I will be sore tomorrow for sure.  Ibuprofen to the rescue!  Thanks to my Facebook friend Linda for suggesting it!

Today the book talks about keeping a “magic notebook.”  You are looking at my magic notebook right here, so I really didn’t spend much time with that part of the book today. You guys are privy to all my innermost thoughts about getting healthy, aren’t you lucky?  The second half of the days reading talked about making the decision to eat it later.  It being anything that I am craving that may not be the best idea for my health.  Like the sour cream raisin pie I am planning to make for Uncle Larry on Tuesday (he fell off a roof and shattered his leg, and he really likes my sour cream raisin pie).  I like my sour cream raisin pie too, but instead of eating a piece on Wednesday I am going to write about how awesome it is and then promise myself that once I finish my first 30 days I get to eat the piece I am going to save in my freezer.


Because I don’t need or want to eat it now, I want to earn it and savor the everloving fuck out of it when I have accomplished something fantastic, like eating well and getting myself on a schedule of physical activity designed to create the me I want to be, in a totally superficial way.  I am the me I want to be.  I am fantastic, awesome, and all around amazing.  I want my body to reflect how great I feel on the inside, and once I have made specific strides (30 days) toward that goal I plan to reward myself with something I know I want right now.  Practicing restraint and delayed gratification is a good thing.

Today’s catchphrase:  “I’ll eat it later.”  Travis and I are planning to go to a movie tonight.  I am going to eat something before we leave and then limit myself to a handful of popcorn (that shit gets stuck in my gums and causes pain anyway), and no soda.  Water for me thank you very much.

An update on the no-poo method:  I have washed my hair twice in the last five days and it feels pretty good.  Even with the sweating I have done with my workouts I have simply rinsed my hair with water and let it be.  I still smell like a pickle.


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