I don’t feel like feeding my children today.  I don’t feel like washing laundry.  I don’t feel like doing the dishes that have been in the sink since Thursday.  I don’t feel like getting up to use the bathroom, and I sure as hell don’t feel like exercising.  If I let my feelings about things dictate my actions I would have malnourished (or dead) children dressed in dirty stinky clothes eating off of dirty dishes.  I would also be fat and covered in my waste.  Not a pretty picture right?  Yeah, not at all.  So I feed the children, make sure the clothes have been washed, make the girls wash the dishes, use the bathroom when I need to and work the fuck out, even if I don’t feel like it.

If you are anything like me feelings get twisty and often times my feelings tell me to do something other than what I know is best for me.  Eat a doughnut or eat an apple?  Have a glass of water or drink a soda?  Work out for 30 minutes or skip it and finish season one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  Decisions decisions.  I am far from stupid and I know what will help me be healthier and what will help me die an unhealthy death.   My choices are my responsibility.  If I eat a doughnut today that doesn’t mean I have to eat one tomorrow.  I can make a bad choice on Wednesday and make good choices on Thursday.  I have not failed because I am not a failure.

I am more committed today than I was yesterday.  I did not balk at exercising today and I actually did more than I intended to do.  Tomorrow I may put my whiny face back on, but today, today was refreshing.

Patti, Jacelyn and Alice’s grandma once said to me, “I don’t live to eat I eat to live.”  It’s a terrific thing to remember, especially when I am faced with food I love to eat.  I know the book delves into the nuances of eating what you love without killing yourself in the process later on, so I will revisit this.

Today’s catchphrase, do it anyway.

Update on the no-poo method.  My whole head smells like vinegar when I sweat after a workout.  I’m like a walking pickle.


2 thoughts on “3/100

  1. I think another WONDERFUL thing about health and food and fitness is that you CAN have a donut today. And that doesn’t mean you have to have one tomorrow. But you can choose to do that, too. But you don’t have to. *You* get to determine what is healthy and important to you each moment, and if the enjoyment that a donut is going to bring to you is important, then enjoy it. But truly ENJOY it. Take the time to savor it. Take the time to taste each and every bite. And then you’ll know that you truly ate it because it was something that brought you happiness and not something you were just using to fill empty “emotional space” with. And the next time it comes up, you make that decision in that moment. And you will know that you don’t HAVE to eat the donut because there will always be more donuts and more opportunities to enjoy them. No one is ever going to take it away from you.

  2. Exactly Amelia! The book I am following along with talks about that a little later on and she does a really great job of it. Also, no better EVER take my doughnuts away!

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