I spent the first half of my day curled up in my warm bed with my warm kitten watching television.  Am I sick?  Nope.  Do I have a headache?  I didn’t but I do now.  That’s what I get for laying in bed all day!  At about 2pm I decided to read the chapter for today in the book I am using.  It was about being interested or committed to my 100 day plan to get healthier.  I am totally committed, but uh…I was still laying in bed, so then I figured I was misinterpreting commitment for mere interest, but I stayed in bed.  For a half an hour I talked myself into being happy with just eating well today and skipping the exercise.  I am really good at talking myself into things, or out of them as the case may be.  I stayed in bed for another 1/2 hour then got up and exclaimed, “I will walk!”  I made it upstairs and changed my mind, it’s windy and cold out, and I am a wimp.

But guess what…

I had put on my workout clothes downstairs, so I was already dressed to do something, if I was going to puss out on the walk I was going to do something else.  I found a short Jillian Michael’s circuit on YouTube and I did it.  So today I succeeded, I ate well and stayed under my calories for the day, and I worked out.  High fives for me!

I tend to forget that I don’t have to break my back doing extreme and difficult workouts right out the door.  It is better for me to do short workouts for the first few weeks to work up my endurance and my confidence.  At the end of the 100 days I think I will have a new appreciation for my ability to care for myself properly.

98 days to go.

No matter what.  The catchphrase for today.  I am committed, not interested.


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