I might actually be ready this time.

So, my cousin’s dad is dying.  Jon decided it was time to get serious about getting in shape, and yet again I jump on the bandwagon and decide that it is time for me to buckle down and get serious about my health.  The last time I said that I lasted about 27 days.  This blog started out as a place to share my ridiculously bad for you recipes, most of which were delicious, but so not okay to eat more than once a month.  Then it turned into a diet blog where I was trying to chronicle my time with the book 100 Days to Successful Weight Loss; I think I lasted 27 days; ridiculous.

There are two main reasons that I should be actively working toward daily physical activity and a consistent and sustainably healthy diet; my mental health and my desire to live a long and happy life with my husband.  My mental health is very dependent on a variety of different factors, medication is only one part of it, and I am happy to say that it is a part that I have been carefully consistent with.  It makes a difference.  When I neglect my physical and nutritional health the way I have been for the last two years my medication doesn’t work as effectively as it could.

There, I said it.  I am fully aware that a lack of consistent and challenging physical activity counteracts the effectiveness of my anti-depressant.  What excuse does this leave me?  No excuse.  Laziness is unbecoming my dear, especially when it is used as an excuse to willfully get out of taking care of yourself; fantastically disgusting, and at an end.

I held a ceremonial throwing out of stuff that I believe has a hand in holding me back from reaching my health goals.  I’m starting clean tomorrow with a definite plan for building my willpower and motivation to work for me.  I will be fighting with myself throughout; it seems to be my habit when breaking dysfunctional patterns that are harmful.

I am also quite the annoying amateur psychologist these days, so that is bound to be fun, right?  I am working on toning it down in real-life, lucky all of you!


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