Day Twenty-Two: I Can Eat And Do Other Things At The Same Time!

Our power went out last night.  This means our wireless connection was reset and I had no idea what the new fucking password was.

Fucking annoyed beyond reason. I have shit to DO goddamn it!

And now, let me tell you exactly why I was so frustrated.  Was it because I have a deadline in three days for my final assignments in both classes and I haven’t even started one of them yet?  No.

Was it because my stepdad Dan announced that the next picture he scanned in and posted to Facebook of me from childhood was going to be a doozy?  Could it be that he also said he wouldn’t even post it if he didn’t know I was such a fan of shock value?

How about the text message I get this morning telling me my stepdad has posted a new picture of me on Facebook.  I tried to find it on my phone.  The wireless wasn’t working, but that can happen.  I go to my laptop.  Wireless isn’t working.  I HAD to find out which one it was!

Back when Halloween in Minnesota didn't require fucking snowpants.

Oh yeah.  The wait was totally worth it.  The worst part though?  Getting all the text messages from friends commenting on it, when I didn’t know what it was!

I normally post these in the morning because it starts my day off on the right foot, with renewed commitment to making good and healthy choices.  I am happy to report that I still made good choices today.  It was actually pretty boring.  The kids were all at school for the second day in a row, so I ha some quiet time and decided to finish reading The Hunger Games.

I wept.

The movie opens tonight with a midnight showing at the teeny tiny one screen theatre in Osage.

The apt. that the original owners used as their home in the 50's is still intact and functional. You can rent it out for parties and private movie screenings. FUCKING RAD!

I am not going to see it, because I will fall asleep.  I also have an entire final assignment to begin and complete tomorrow.  Yikes.

So yesterday I did Day Three of the MamaVation 2 Week Challenge.  I thought maybe the exercises would get a little easier.  They didn’t.  Although I did push myself to complete more of the jumping exercises (mountain climber pushups and some other crazy jumping push up one).  Instead of doing just 6 of each this time I did 6 during the first circuit, 7 during the second, and 8 during the third.

...and doing delightfully!

We also had Travis’s cousins over, from Germany!  I took no pictures even though I made a commitment to do so.  I was busy man!

To give you an idea of how much I wanted to have them over.  I missed Survivor.

I missed this fucking assholes departure. For German ladies! It was worth it.

I was also supposed to spend time savoring my food and being aware of it, in spite of everything going on around me.  I knew this was going to be difficult because I had a lot of external stuff happening all day.  I made it a point to serve myself dinner last so I was not tempted to get up and do other stuff for other people while I took my time eating.  I ended up not being able to focus as clearly as I wanted, but that was ok, because instead I got to talk to my new cousin Christina.  We have only met once before and have built our friendship over Facebook for the most part.  I enjoyed having some time to talk with her face-to-face.

It turns out I did today’s exercises yesterday.  Linda asks me to purposely do some other things while I am eating, but she also point’s out the importance of continuing to eat with awareness, regardless of external stimulation.  I did well with it.  Especially the two bites of chocolate pudding cake I ate.

I made mine with whole wheat flour and brown sugar this time. Two bites was hard to do!

Linda suggests reading while you eat, walking around with your plate, anything that has the ability to take away the awareness of your food, its flavors, textures, and smells, and then forcing yourself to be aware of it in spite of the purposeful distractions.  Pick distractions that aren’t overly distracting.  We are only practicing this skill at this point, so start off small.  Celebrating small victories paves the way to celebrating big huge fat ones!

Today’s Commitments

  • Day Four Workout
  • Take a nap
  • Classroom responses (I hate these people)
  • Movie night with Trav.

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