Day Twenty: Half-off Discounts On Clothes Rock, And It Also Applies To My Mouth And The Food That Goes In It

Yesterday I mentioned the MamaVation 2 Week Challenge, yesterday was day 1/14 and these are the exercises I did:

Cardio:  30 seconds of jumping jacks and 30 seconds of butt kicks (I was supposed  to do Foot Fires, but it turns out those are stupid)

After each set of the seven above exercises (I was able to do 12 reps of each except the ones where I have to jump) I did an extra 1 minute of cardio (jumping jacks and butt kicks).  I did three whole circuits and ended with 1 minute of cardio.

This is an old Sweaty Sarah photo, and I can assure you, I was much sweatier after yesterday. I had to wash the wood floor because there was a pond of sweat on it.

This is a serious workout that has made me seriously sore today.  This is good!  It means that I am working muscles that have gotten used to the “old” workout routine.  I am very excited to see what happens to my body and my self-esteem by the end of this two weeks.

I am also planning to ignore the scale again until two weeks from yesterday.  I might be fitting into those fucking jeans sooner than I thought!

Yesterday was busy.  For some reason I slacked hardcore on homework in the last two weeks and as a result I now have a research paper that needs to be edited and revised, and a paper that I haven’t even started yet, both due on Sunday.  My new courses start on Monday.  Woot!

I am well aware of what this means. That. I. Am. AWESOME.

I ate well yesterday too.  I cut the brown sugar down a little more in my morning oatmeal, I am not sure I will be able to cut it out completely, and I am pretty sure I don’t want to!  What makes me very sad though, is my seeming inability to enjoy sweet tea anymore.

Sweet tea is my friend and I don't like to abandon my friends.

I tried to drink a glass with lunch, I gagged and gave it to Eli.  Sugar and I have become enemies it appears.  I should see this as a victory.

I did not eat on my every three hour schedule yesterday, and I was a little nervous about it.  Not only do I have a fuckload of homework to do, but Eli only has two days of school this week, conferences were last night, and the girls got out early yesterday and will again today.  Breakfast was a go, everything after that kind of slipped, but not in the quality of food I ate, just when I ate it.

On the way to conferences I stopped and bought a bottle of water, a cheese stick, and a small bag of beef jerky.

This is my default go to convenience snack. It is more expensive but the benefits for me outweigh the money saved in buying a megasize personal bag of chips for a buck.

On my way home I got a veggie sub on whole wheat bread with sweet onion sauce, and then before bed ate greek yogurt and a tangerine.  Today will be less of a struggle as I am not going anywhere but on a bike ride with the boy after lunch.

This may be his favorite after lunch activity.

Today Linda wants to talk about cutting our food intake in half.  She suggests that it is easier to manage portion sizes at home when you are cooking your meals, and not so much easy to do when you are eating out, especially at restaurants where the plates are as big as your head.

This is not an issue when you have a small head. Isn't photoshop lovely?

As a way to combat eating out at restaurants or family gatherings where food is the main event, Linda suggests cutting the portion size you WANT to take in half.  This way you are not obviously weighing out your portion sizes, but you are still successfully controlling the amount of food you are ingesting.  This is important, especially when the quality and ingredients are not under your control.

I always wondered why steak at restaurants tasted so much better than steak at home.

It turns out they melt fatty and delicious butter over the top sometimes.

It isn’t any fun to go out to eat and have to ask for super healthy food or for stuff on the side.  Please sir DO NOT leave the butter off of my steak.  That is why I like this whole concept of just taking half.  I get to eat what I like when I am out, I am just making sure I only eat half of it.  This shouldn’t be much of an issue with me because I have successfully chopped my normal portion sizes in half already, my stomach has shrunk and takes less food to fill it up.

At Ava’s birthday party this weekend I practiced just taking half, but I hadn’t gotten to this part of the book yet, just another step in the right direction, taken instinctively.

Not enough people trust or listen to their instincts. They aren't ever wrong people, just listen, hard sometimes.

Linda also talks about taking seconds.  She says that seconds are a sure sign of emotional eating.  The trick is to take as much as I want to eat the first time, and then decline offers or urges to have seconds.  Seconds indicate that there is a issue that is deeper than any hunger I perceive myself to be feeling.    It is also a good idea to walk into a food situation with the concrete idea of what a serving size looks like.

Kirsten made this chicken artichoke pizza. Linda says that a good rule of thumb for pizza is 2 slices for women and 3 slices for men. This is a good rule for me because I could totally eat a whole pizza to myself over the course of an evening.

It all boils down to commitment.  I make commitments to myself that I am going to eat half of what I would normally eat, not go back for seconds, take two bites of dessert, and only eat two fucking slices of pizza when we have pizza.  I don’t allow for wiggle room, my health does not allow for wiggle room, and my self-esteem does not allow for wiggle room.

Today’s exercises ask me to cut my regular food intake in half at each meal.  I cannot do this or I will starve.  My food is already measured out into appropriate serving sizes, if I cut it in half I will be hungry and will be more likely to overeat later in the day.  Journal about how it feels to cut your food in half, and then make it a habit by continuing to practice, ESPECIALLY at restaurants.

Today’s Commitments

  • Day 2 of the MamaVation 2 week Challenge
  • Bike ride
  • Eat my meals every three hours
  • Make wet wipes

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