Day Nineteen: Wait A Minute. You Mean THAT Is a Serving Of Spaghetti? Surely You Jest.

No actually, I don’t.  This is what one serving of spaghetti looks like.

That's all she wrote folks.

And also, that totally sucks.  Spaghetti is good and when I eat spaghetti my habits demand more than a tennis ball sized serving.  But I’m not giving into my bad habits anymore am I?

And oh!  I weighed myself today for the first time in about 19 days.  My starting weight if you remember was 233 lbs.  Well now, after about 19 days of paying attention and making conscious decisions about food and exercise I weight…

That means I lost 8 pounds!

That also means I am grinning till my fucking cheeks hurt, and we both love it!

This weekend was fun.  Trav let me sleep in on Saturday, then we cleaned, did some laundry, hung it on the line (in MARCH), and went for a hike on a nature trail outside of Osage after eating lunch at Subway.  I love the veggie sub with sweet onion sauce (it’s fat free and you totally wouldn’t even know it).  Yesterday we went to my niece Ava’s birthday party, where I successfully ate consciously, two bites of cake anyone?

After that we went for dinner at Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis with Jon and Amanda

Where I shared a Jucy Lucy with Miss Alice.

This is also where we walked out and saw what we thought were men breaking into our new van. It turns out it was theirs.

I ate a little less than half of it and a handful of french fries.  Not bad for being in a bar that serves the most awesome hamburger ever.  The table behind us contained a little hipster and his mom.  He was very upset that the burger they brought contained onions because his mom was terribly allergic.  He demanded their “eradication.”  Hehe…I love that he loves his mom.

Today Linda talks about serving sizes.  The sad fact of the matter is, if we don’t take it upon ourselves to learn what one serving of the food we eat looks like, we won’t learn.  Portions at restaurants are considered normal, and if you get a smaller portion you feel cheated.  The smaller portion is what we want, that is the serving size you should be consuming to be healthy.

That super sucks though right?  Yeah, it does.  It really super duper sucks.  Shit ain’t always fair and if you want to be healthy then you have to suck it up and commit to doing it the right way.

This is me sucking it up for the last 19 days.

The right way consists of figuring out what  serving sizes look like and then teaching your body to be satisfied with the correct amount of food.  After 19 days, my body is used to eating less than half the amount of food I had been previously.  It is also used to all of a sudden not being barraged with sugar and processed food and instead is enjoying the whole grains and whole foods I am feeding it.

How do I know this?  Because I am paying attention to it.  I can run up stairs now.  I don’t breathe hard when I get to the top.  That’s kind of a huge deal.

go ahead and sing it, you know you want to.

I am going to take a break fr a minute and promote a two week challenge I am doing on Twitter.  I signed up specifically to do the challenge.  I am looking for a new routine to boost my weightloss in this next twenty days.  This seems like just the thing.

My nutrition goals are under control (do you know how awesome it is to say that?), so I will be concentrating on the physical aspect of the challenge for the next two weeks, starting today.  I have downloaded the workout material with links to YouTube videos to show me how to perform the exercises.  After I finish wowing you with my awesomeness, and switching laundry, I will be doing the first workout.

Tara Stiles and I are taking a short break.  Her four week weightloss routine while super awesome, got a little monotonous.  I will be checking out some more intense yoga routines in two weeks when I am done with the MamaVation challenge.

Today’s exercises ask me to get out the measuring cups and the food scale and figure out what a serving size actually looks like BEFORE I put the food into my body.  One way that Linda suggests figuring out how well you estimate a serving size is by measuring it out after you have placed what you feel is a serving on your plate.  You WILL be surprised.  She also suggests using my palm as a guide when I do not have measuring implements available to me.

I did Weight Watchers for a few months and I got the serving size dance down pretty pat.  If you are still struggling with serving sizes, try practicing your estimation abilities and start teaching yourself how much food you need to eat as opposed to how much food you want to eat.  The difference is astounding.

Today’s Commitments

  • Mamavation workout Week 1 Workout 1
  • Finish your fucking paper…TONIGHT
  • Eat fruit
  • Make bread

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