Day Eighteen: Retraining My Eating Habits Because I Am Tired Of Being Their Bitch

Yesterday I talked about not being a part of the clean plate club, then I turned around and joined it.  In my defense, the food I ate was stupid healthy and I paid attention to portion sizes, so I was golden.

Now I am going to veer off topic for a little bit and bore you with some Survivor talk.  Let’s talk about Monica.

I was really tired of looking at the softball sized tits that stood straight up on her chest.

Do any of you remember playing the game, “what would you change on your body if you had the money?”  First, let me say that this is the most stupid game ever.  My answer was always my nose, but then I would devolve into a list of things I would fix about myself.  Well fix means something is wrong in the first place and we all know that isn’t the case.

Anyway, after watching Survivor on Wednesday, I found myself happier than shit to have never had the money to “fix” all the stuff I perceived as wrong about my body.  If I had I may have also ended up with softballs on my chest and a face that was unrecognizable to my own mother.

Also, let’s face it.  I am already pretty great, I don’t think anything needs to be fixed.


Linda wants me to practice throwing food away, but like I said yesterday, I don’t have a problem with it.  I even said no to two bites of a donut.  Uh huh, that’s right.  At home keeping my eye on my portion sizes and the ingredients in my meals is easy.  Eating out is a different story.  It is so much easier for me to graze at a restaurant table than it is at home.  Eating out is a social activity and most of the time I spend time talking during and after the meal.  If there is food left on the table, no matter how full I am, I will eat it.

There are a bunch of things you can do to help yourself stop eating too much at a restaurant.  First, you could ask if the server could bag up half of your meal first, but that is stupid, instead order half the amount.  When I do this servers look at me blankly and tell me that I have to pay the same amount.  Ok, that’s fine.  Here’s the deal.  I don’t want to take restaurant food home, because chances are the food is already not so healthy for me, so why would I want to eat two or more servings of it?

I don't need two servings of this, I want it. There is a difference.

Today’s exercises ask me to think about all of the clean your plate advice I have ever had.  I can’t pinpoint it all.  It was a constant mantra, a clean plate is good and a plate with food left on it is bad.  Children in Africa are starving!  This is just simply really bad advice.  A clean plate is not what you want.  You want to leave food on your plate at every meal.  Over the long run this makes a HUGE difference in the amount of calories you take in.  Instead of telling yourself and others to always clean their plates, Linda tells us to make up new ones called:

Never Clean Your Plate Statements

  • You should never clean your plate because it isn’t healthy for you.
  • I never clean my plate because I want to be healthy.
  • I ONLY clean my plate when I am eating a healthy and correctly portioned meal.
  • I never clean my plate because toward the end the food doesn’t taste as good anymore and I am only eating it out of habit.

Today’s Commitments (late today so i am leaving out the workout because I already did it!)

  • Keep myself from slapping teen angsty expression off Jacelyn’s face.
  • Evening bike ride!
  • Finish my last discussion questions so I can have a fully free weekend.
  • Turn in my assignments
  • Paint my toenails because I didn’t do it last night!



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