Day Seventeen: The Clean Plate Club Sucks

First an update on yesterday.  I initially intended to bake my favorite dessert ever, cherry clafouti.  At the last minute I decided that wasn’t a good idea and instead took two small bites of Eli’s cookie at Subway, that I bought specifically so I could take two bites of it.

I didn't even like it very much, which was my plan to begin with. I would have liked the cherry clafouti way too much and I am not ready for it!

I also successfully resisted the urge to step on my scale yesterday.  The last time I stepped on it I weighed 233 lbs.  I will step on it first thing in the morning on Monday.

True story.

Let me give you another update about my progress up to Day Seventeen.  I am sleeping better, I have more energy and find it easier to get everything done that I want.  It’s March 15th today, yesterday was our second day of 70 degree weather, we were out in it.  I took Eli for a bike ride in the afternoon, did my yoga routine, AND went for a long walk with Jen.  The weather was fucking perfect.  March 14th at 10 pm and it was still in the low sixties.

Linda talks about fun stuff today.  Cleaning my plate.  I should not ever aspire to clean my plate.  I know I know, this is the same person who quit Casey’s because she couldn’t stand throwing away everyday, enough food to feed an average sized family that is going to bed hungry.  ANYWAY…

This is a point of contention in our household.  Travis wants the kids to clean their plates, and when we make sure to give them an appropriate serving size that is a realistic expectation.  When we first starting settling in to eating like a family I would put too much food on my kid’s plates, then Travis would expect them to eat it all, and I would say, “uh, I don’t think so.”

Eat it all!

You would think it wouldn’t take too long to figure out that I just had to put less food on their fucking plates to fix the issue.  Yeah, well, after two months of traumatic dinners and early bedtimes, I finally figured it out.  Each child gets a portion size that is appropriate for their age and size, they are expected to eat all of it and if they want more they can and they DON’T have to eat it all.

For the record, I think tablecloths are stupid.

Happy family dinners have become the norm around here.

Linda explores the idea of wasting food.  She asserts that throwing leftovers away is wasting food, but she also asserts that cleaning my plate when I know I don’t need anymore is also wasting food.  By continuing to eat when I am full and do not need it for my body and it’s daily functions, I am wasting it and at the same time, compromising my health.  That is not worth it to me.

I always have a salad with my meal.  My salad is the bulk of what I eat at every meal, except breakfast because I eat oatmeal, and it’s delicious!

1/2 cup of old fashioned oats, one spoonful of brown sugar, 2 tbls. of wheat germ, cinnamon, and a sprinkling of fruitalicious plus from Jen!

The bottom line is, stop going back for seconds (Trav), leave some food on your plate at the end of the meal (Trav), serve up healthy portion sizes (TRAV) and make salads and green stuff the bulk of what you eat each day.

Linda also highlights the lovely habit I have had in the past of cleaning my kids plates of leftovers.  It’s a bad idea, I don’t do it anymore and if you do it I suggest you knock it off.

Today’s exercises ask me to practice throwing food away.  Some people have a really hard time with this, I don’t, so I will not be doing anything out of the norm for myself.  Yesterday I threw about half the old food from our fridge in the trash.  It’s really not an issue for me.  She wants me to explore the way it makes me feel to throw food away.  I can already tell you, it makes me feel strong and in control of my health and well-being.  The more you throw extra food away the easier it will get to do it.

The best way to make sure you don’t have excess food around to throw away is by planning appropriately for the amount of food you will need to have for the week.  Linda wants me to make a list of ways I can cut down on excess food.

  • Make a menu and a shopping list with serving sizes included
  • Cook a smaller amount at meals!
  • Only buy what is necessary.

Today’s Commitments

  • Triceps, biceps, wrists, back, abs, and butt workout (skip the calves because I feel like I have goat legs)
  • Bike ride!
  • Reinvent chicken for dinner tonight
  • Paint my toenails red



2 thoughts on “Day Seventeen: The Clean Plate Club Sucks

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  2. Just what exactly really influenced u to post “Day Seventeen: The Clean Plate Club Sucks | Holy
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    Thanks a lot ,Ervin

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