Day Sixteen: Let’s Talk A Little More About Two Bites

Emotional eating is one of the easiest habits to fall into, with some of the most far reaching consequences that touch multiple aspects of lives.  Food is something you have to have, you are given sustenance regularly from the moment you enter the world to the time you leave it.  We are taught by the modeled behavior of our elders when we are young.  Without healthy modeled behavior from the beginning you are destined to develop emotional eating issues.

Arrgh, I am upset so I am going to eat these desserts.

First, emotional eating causes you to gain weight and eschew healthy foods for unhealthy ones.  This is a bad idea.  We should not allow ourselves to do that to our bodies.  It doesn’t feel good, especially once you understand what emotional eating is and how it works.  We are taught since childhood that food feels good and is a staple in celebrations that are typically considered awesome fun.

Potluck anyone?

When we feel bad we naturally want to make ourselves feel good.  If you don’t think you deserve to feel good than there are other issues you may want to tackle before you tackle your emotional eating.  Getting healthy is a series of steps, and there are definitely ones you need to take before others in order to be effective.  Back to food making us feel good.

Food does make us feel good, and that is awesome!

Food can serve that purpose without fucking up other aspects of our lives, like our weight, self-esteem, and health.  So how do you get a handle on a habit that has probably been ingrained since childhood and may be such a normal part of your life that you don’t even realize what it is when it happens.

I shall ponder for a moment.

But I really don’t have to ponder long.  Linda says that the first two bites of any food you are eating to assuage your emotions, are the only bites that have any emotional power at all.  Everything after those first two bites is being eaten out of habit.  The longer you continue eating, the worse you begin to feel, and the emotional boost you got from those first two bites disappears underneath a wet blanket of self-loathing for allowing yourself to continue eating till you feel sick.

This is awesome.  Now that I understand that the first two bites of any food are the only ones that make any positive difference in my life, I can totally get on board with this concept of throwing the rest of the comfort food away or giving it to someone else.  I don’t need it anymore!  How cool is that?


How about a short update about the donut experiment yesterday.  I cut that long john in half then sliced a small slice off of one of the halves, like 1/2 an inch, then cut THAT into two pieces and ate them slowly.  They were super yummy and I gave the rest to Eli and didn’t think twice about it.  That protein drink though?  FUCKING GAG!  GROSS!  It was gritty.

Travis wouldn't even drink it.

I finished the night of food with a plate of chicken, steamed asparagus, and jasmine rice with a sprinkle of wheat germ and fresh lemon squeezed over it all.  Oh it was DELICIOUS!

Obviously today Linda talked about emotional eating, she highlights the rule of two bites and asks me to practice it by choosing a food that gives me comfort and then eating two bites of it before throwing or giving it away.  This is a nice extension from yesterday’s exercises that asked me to pick a favorite food without mentioning any of the emotional ties I have to it.  It prepared me for being comfortable picking another non-healthy food today and eating just two bites.

Eli and I are going grocery shopping today so I will be able to buy something to make that I would consider comfort food to test myself on.


While searching for that photo I figured out what I am going to make.  Cherry Clafouti.

This stuff is my favorite dessert ever. Here is one of many recipes you can try!

Once I get to my second bite I have to stop and remind myself that my emotional needs have been met and I am capable of turning around and walking away.  Linda wants me to write about how it feels to successfully use food as a healthy comforting tool.  I’ll update you tomorrow, but I am pretty sure it’s going to feel great.

Today’s Commitments

  • Yoga and a bike ride
  • Make cherry awesomeness
  • Eat only two bites of it
  • Finish your assignment bitch!
  • Plan the menu for the dinner party



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