Day Fourteen: What I Do In The Morning Affects What I Do In The Evening

I abandoned you this weekend, but I did not abandon my healthy plan of awesome.  On Saturday we drove to Des Moines where we got to meet a beautiful baby boy named Rand, who likes to speak his mind.

He is really quite precious, Trav should not have made him cry.

I did not work out on Saturday and I did not eat my oatmeal, but I did make good food choices.  While I was getting a spontaneous haircut Trav bought me a breakfast sandwich from Kwik Star, I only ate half of it because I realized that it tastes like crap and I didn’t want it in my body.  After that my choices consisted of fruit, veggies, salad, and coffee.  It was a long day in the car and Sweet Eli did a FANTASTIC job.  I was impressed.

Sunday was busy too, and again I did not eat my oatmeal.  I had lovely Sunday morning coffee with Jen and an impromptu trip to Mason City to drop off some equipment.  I wanted a bagel but for some inexplicable reason the ONLY bagel shop in Mason City is CLOSED on SUNDAY.  Does this make any sense?  Upon arriving home, we left to get the girls from their Grandmas, another two hours in the car, and buy a bike for Miss Alice.  I chose a bottle of water and a veggie bowl from Kwik Trip, and I didn’t even eat it all.  When we got back home AGAIN, we cleaned and started laundry then I ate a piece of homemade whole wheat bread on the way to the walking trail we went on, then went on a short bike ride with Trav and ate yogurt for dinner.

We are seriously cute together.

Today Linda talks about the effect my morning nutrition has on my evening nutrition.  It turns out that it has a pretty big impact and interestingly, she highlights in her first paragraph what my problem has been for years.  I skip breakfast because I am “not hungry” and then stuff my fucking face full in the evening when I am quietly working on school, or Envisage, or watching some awesome with Travis on TV.  The Walking Dead made me pee myself a little bit last night.

Rick is my hero.

Game of Thrones is also amazing, we are up to episode 4 and I am hooked!

Tyrion Lannister, you are an enigma.

I am very pleased so far with the way they are adapting the first book into film.

Anyway, back to me stuffing my face full of food at night.

I am totally not as cute as this when my face is stuffed and I can assure you, evening stuffins' have nothing to do with vegetables of all things.

Linda explains that when I skip breakfast my digestive system stays dormant until I give it food to, well, digest.  Makes sense so far right?  Now let’s say I never eat in the morning (true), one day I give myself food in the morning (true), and that day I find myself to be hungry all day (true).  When I find myself hungry all day I tend to feed myself because we are supposed to listen to our bodies right?  Most of the time this is true, except for when you have a dysfunctional relationship with it to begin with.  Because listening to a dysfunctional system in order to create a healthier me, kind of doesn’t make any sense.

Hunger pangs make me panic.

I cannot listen to my body yet because my body is still fighting to stay where it was and do no work.  Oh yeah?  Well fuck you body, just fuck the fuck out of you. I stick my tongue out at you!

Breakfast is important, healthy breakfast even more so.  Donuts don’t count.  I am a Boring Betty and have been ingesting whole grain oatmeal every morning for the last 14 days.

Well, Betty White certainly doesn't look boring here...

So what can I tell you about eating breakfast in the morning even when you don’t want to?  It works.  When I skip breakfast I eat more in the evening than I intend, my willpower is not as strong, and it is much harder for me to refuse the food I go looking for.

When I do eat my oatmeal in the morning, I am satisfied (after getting through the first week of retraining my digestive system), the rest of my meals are eaten consciously, my workouts are easier to recover from, and I don’t even fucking want to eat before bed.

Linda also discusses what she refers to as the “afternoon droop.”  In the afternoon, around 3 or 4, I get hungry, and I used to tell myself to just wait for dinner because it isn’t very far off and most likely I am making something stupendously delicious.  Apparently this is the wrong approach.  Linda points out that hunger and fatigue can affect decision making about food consumption and when I force myself to wait for dinner I set myself up to eat too much of it, when I eat too much of it I tend to eat more in the evening.  She says that I must have an afternoon snack in between 3 and 4.  I choose Greek Yogurt and a piece of fruit everyday.

Today’s exercises ask me to set a goal of eating breakfast every day for the next week, I am already doing this.  If you are following along and you are not doing this yet, please give it a try.  It really does work.  My body, my mind, and my willpower have improved over the last 14 days in ways I never would have imagined.  She also suggests splitting your morning meal into two meals if the thought of eating a full breakfast in the morning makes you want to run away and hide in your pantry .

uh...I think I want this pantry. I think I would put a reclining armchair in here and claim it for my own.

Linda also wants me to plan for healthy snacks, again, I am already doing that.  If you are not, then again, please do, you will thank yourself for it, I promise.

Today’s Commitments

  • Add the new Tara Stile’s workout to my routine (week three of her four week plan)
  • Give myself a hug for making it 14 days
  • Email John and Melissa
  • Finish reading this weeks chapters for school and answer discussion questions.




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