Day Thirteen: Skipping Meals. I Am Afraid I Am Not Familiar With This Concept

Let me take a moment to tell you that I did not eat any food between the time I went to to bed till my coffee and oatmeal this morning, which I haven’t eaten yet.  Linda wants to talk today about skipping meals because of being too busy at work.  I don’t have that problem, and I know that makes me really really lucky.  I am not wasting the opportunity, I assure you.

The only time I have ever skipped meals was when I thought starving myself was the best way to lose weight.  In fact, I distinctly remember as a child telling my mom that I was not hungry when offered food (I was not on a diet nor was I trying to lose weight at this point).  I remember it got quiet and my mom and Aunt Barb giggled and said we should mark it on the calender.

Even when I was forcing myself not to eat I couldn’t get below a size 14 pants.  My body doesn’t go lower than 155, but I look sick if I get there.  Hence the magic number.

195 is luscious on me.

After my post yesterday about midnight eating and whole wheat hamburger buns I inexplicably decided to make fresh whole wheat bread with this recipe.

These are the actual loaves I baked today!

I whipped out the big camera to play catch-up with Envisage (I was 9 days behind omg!), so I kept it out and photographed my bread.

Seriously moist and nicely dense. No kneading required!

This was a test, and I passed.  The bread stayed wrapped up all night long in anticipation of my consuming a piece of it later in the day today.  I will exercise my willpower to super strength if takes the rest of my life.  Midnight eating can fuck off!

I win Whole Wheat Bread! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Linda talks about how some people have the tendency to “save” calories during the day in preparation for a big meal at the end of the day, or choosing to skip meals because you correlate the AMOUNT of food you eat with the way you look (*raises hand* guilty).  Instead of losing the weight I want my body switches to survival mode and tries to hold on to it, so I find myself in a battle of wills between me, my kitchen, and my fucking bathroom scale.

If I had a scale that looked like this maybe I would like it better.

Speaking of bathroom scales, I have successfully stayed off of it this week.  I have 4 days till my period so I know my weight is in a fluctuating state.  I have been eating well and exercising regularly.  Reason tells me I am being successful without a concrete number to look at.

Yesterday I wrote down all the food I ate and classified it as fuel or filler.

  • Oatmeal…fuel
  • pork jerky…fuel
  • salad with asparagus heads, apples, snap peas and eggs with vinaigrette …fuel
  • greek yogurt…fuel
  • homemade whole wheat bread…fuel
  • Veggie sub…fuel
  • 2 chocolate covered cherries…filler

I also did the Tara Stiles week two weight loss workout AND went for a short walk to fill up my bike tires, AND rode the bike home, AND took a mile bike ride with Trav.  For being 4 days away from my period I am doing a spectacular job of being committed to my plan.

Today’s exercises ask me to write down the times of day I am going to eat and then stick to them within a half an hour either way.  This is an unnecessary exercise for me, I eat, if I am hungry I will find a way to eat something.  Hunger is not my friend.  If you do have a tendency to skip meals and you are following along with me, then do the exercise, schedule times to eat and stick to them today,.  Consume fuel instead of filler and pay attention to what your body tells you about it.  I guarantee you will feel better, be more productive, and sleep better at night.  I am and it rocks!

Eat food. Mostly plants. Chew it slowly.

My oatmeal in the morning is delicious, today I used less brown sugar and sprinkled wheat germ over it.

Today’s Commitments

  • 30 Day Shred
  • Make a grocery list and stick to it
  • Make baby lotion!
  • Avoid fillers and stick to fuel
  • Don’t forget to hug the girls when they leave for Grandmas.

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