Day Eleven: Let’s Talk About Food

First of all, I get a very big pat on the back for successfully completing 10 whole days of Linda’s motivational book.  I am very excited about moving on to the next ten days, which focus on food and my relationship with it.  I have the sneaky suspicion that it is as convoluted and dysfunctional as the rest of me.

this is my suspicious look.

This should be an eye opening ten days.

First I celebrate my accomplishments from the previous ten days.

  • I no longer put cream or sugar in my coffee
  • I have cut my sugar in my tea from 4 tblsp. to 2 tblsp. and I am only drinking one cup a day
  • I am eating whole grain oatmeal each morning for breakfast (and I remembered that i like it!)
  • I am spending more time in the kitchen cooking meals
  • I have met every daily commitment I have made to myself

Those are ALL super big deals and I think a little personal rah-rah is in order.

Here is what I have done over the last ten days that I still need to work on, and coincidentally they all coincide with food.

  • midnight eating, hamburger buns are not for stuffing in one’s face at 3am
  • sugary cereal as a snack (too often too much)
  • chocolate covered cherries as a gift from Jacelyn, accepted and partially eaten (Trav put them somewhere I think, I don’t know where and I don’t intend to ask)
  • boredom eating

What is going to be very interesting is the fact that my period is due six days from now.  What that means is I am in my premenstrual, gain 5 lbs., moody and hungry phase.  I want to eat.

What is different this month from last month?  Last month I had already fallen off the wagon and eaten more in one day than I have in the last three combined.  Last month I had stopped working out already because I was bloated.  Last month I used my oncoming period as an excuse to make bad choices.  Last month when I looked at myself in the mirror I would mentally degrade myself for being bigger than I was “before.”

Body image is a tricky thing. I want to get to a place where what I see in the mirror is a true representation of what I look like outside of the mirror.

Self-esteem and body image for me go hand in hand.  As I have developed a healthier attitude toward myself I have forged a better relationship with the mirror.  It is exhilarating to look in the mirror and tell myself I look great, and know that I actually mean it, and am not just trying to convince myself.

So what changes have I made this month that make my goals more realistic?

  • I am eating consistently good food that is minimally processed
  • I am working out each day “no matter what”
  • I am actively and consciously saying good things about myself to myself
  • I am accepting compliments that other people give me
  • I am allowing myself to recognize “failure” as a detrimental concept that is necessary to move ahead and improve (sugary cereal and chocolate covered cherries anyone?)
  • I am actively taking responsibility for my choices internally and externally
  • I am asking for help and saying thank you when it is given

Those are all huge things and I am fighting the urge to celebrate again!  Fight Schmight!

Linda suggests that there are only two reasons in which it is acceptable to place food inside your mouth.  The first is for fuel, to make you body perform the way it is supposed to, the other is to appreciate the taste of something delicious.  She says that if you put something in your mouth that does not fall into either or both of those categories you are eating emotionally.

I used to clean the kid’s plates after meals.  That is a hell of an easy way to pack it on!  Thankfully as my children have gotten older they have also gotten more gross.  I have less of a tendency to do this now than before.

Emotional eating and eating out of boredom got hand in hand for me.  Now that I have a lovely little office space I need to get a basket to keep my “busywork” projects in.  It is much healthier to knit for five minutes to beat the feed me impulse than it is to give in.

It is lovely and relaxing, and in the summer it will also contain the window air conditioner. Huzzah!

Linda also asks me to become aware of when I refuel my body on a regular basis.  She theorizes that it is better to refuel many times a day, such as 6 small meals, instead of 3 times a day with large meals.  I tend to agree with her.  Although I have never done it and combined regular exercise so I am not sure if it is actually a more efficient and long-term solution to weight loss and overall fitness, but reason tells me it is.

She suggests planning and packing healthy snacks to cut down on refueling trips to the convenience store where it is easy to make bad choices.  Granola is the thing.  I am planning to make a large batch during this next ten days to specifically package per serving to take with for healthy snaking options anytime I leave the house.  Food advertisements are everywhere, I must fight them with granola.

Today’s exercises ask me to write down when I refuel throughout the day, she doesn’t ask me to specify my food intake just when I am doing it.  At the end of the day I will count how many times I ate today and with that information I will be able to plan my “fuel stops” throughout the day for maximum energy and performance.  Then I have to pay attention.  Are regular fuel stops beneficial to me?  How?

Today’s Commitments

  • Tara Stiles
  • Drink more water
  • Eat fewer fruit loops
  • Make lemon salt scrub and use it

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