Day Nine: When I Move You Move (Just Like That)

Yesterday was awesome besides the fact that I felt sick and icky.  I woke up early, had coffee with my friend Jen, I haven’t seen her in weeks!  She just started a new job, and school is kind of consuming both of us right now, so our time is at a premium.

I may have had an entire pot of coffee to myself.

This is the reason that halfway through our walk I had to pee so badly, and also the reason I decided to be an annoying grumpy puss, emphasis on the annoying.

By the time we were done walking I felt kind of crappy and ended up sleeping on our stripped bed curled into a ball with no blanket.

I certainly wasn't as comfortable as she appears to be.

The rest of the night is kind of a blur, I just remember not feeling well pretty much overall.  I went to sleep shortly after The Walking Dead.

I want to snatch that fucking hat off of Carl's head and I want to smack him across the face with it. Then burn it. Read Jen Chaney's take on it. SPOILER ALERT.

I am feeling much better this morning, thank goodness.  I hate feeling sick and gross, and I can’t believe I spent so many years wallowing in it.  Yuck!

In Day Nine’s Exercises Linda wants me to lay out exactly what I want and need from my support people, and then tell them.  She gives a short quiz to complete concerning how people should react to my choices, whether good choices or bad.

The first question asks me to tell you what you should say to me if you see me eating off of my “diet plan.”  I am not on a diet plan, but if I am eating an entire pie, tell me to stop.  If I am eating piece of pie for the first time in 4 days, just shut the fuck up.  I know what I am doing and what my choices mean.

The second question tells me to tell you what I want you to say to me when I am visibly making progress.  This is easy, if you are my friend or family member, say nothing, talk to me like always, call no attention to it.  If you are Travis, keep doing what you are doing, even when I roll my eyes at you.  I like it, but you already knew that.

When you see me struggling simply tell me you love me as often as you feel like it.

When I am making progress that is not visible, tell me why you think I am awesome.

When I am maintaining my weight but have plateaued, take me on a bike ride.

World Naked Bike Ride anyone?

Today’s Commitments

  • Tara Stiles Yoga (adding a new routine in this week!)
  • Today water will be my friend
  • Complete discussion questions
  • Prepare materials for writing your Introduction and Conclusion

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