Day Six: Protecting My Progress

Yesterday was successful, I made good choices and did the second day of Tara Stile’s one month weight loss routine.  My ability to hold the poses and transition strongly was an indicator to me that whatever it is I am doing, it works by changing my perceptions of myself.  I touched on my obsession with my weight and my struggle to live without a number, and when I think about what it is I really want, legs that look like this again…

All I want for Giftmas is my two skinny legs Santa.

I realized that the number I am so desperately clinging to…


Is the exact number I was at when my legs looked fucking stunning.  Wanting, more than anything else, for my legs to look like that again is perfectly fine.  I don’t have to lose weight according to anyone else’s guidelines, and I certainly don’t have to do it for any one else’s reasons but my own.

I want feel the way I felt about my body when Trav first put his hand on my waist.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to find yourself sexy and working toward that end.

Yikes.  *fans self*  Let’s move on shall we?

Linda talks about risky eating situations today, situations where you find yourself at the mercy of a food pusher.  This is a term that is new to me, but it instantly brought to mind Grandma Mary telling me I looked peaked and I should eat something.  After I hit puberty I was overweight consistently, as far as I can remember, but that could be all perception and faulty memories.  I was not peaked, I am not sure I ever was, and I don’t even know what the fuck peaked even means!  Regardless…

Use your communication skills to extricate yourself from food pushers politely while keeping their dignity intact. No one wants to hurt anyone's feelings, and those brownies probably are just as fucking amazing as they claim, but not just yet.

Travis does this automatically, he doesn’t even have to think about it.  I thought back to Thanksgiving and Giftmas this year, Travis used the exact techniques that Linda Spangle (and the authors of the post linked to above) recommend.  In the face of food pushers who are not maliciously trying to sabotage your diet, there are a few magic phrases that work to successfully protect the progress you have made in your diet to date.

“not just yet”

“maybe a little later”

“I wouldn’t want to ruin my appetite by eating you’re delicious dessert first!”

Don’t forget to always say thank you and if it’s your Grandma a big hug wouldn’t hurt either.

Because Grandmas are awesome.

Linda also suggests not talking about your diet with your friends and family as a way to minimize your risks of deviation.  I sort of understand this, but I totally disagree when it comes to my diet.  Obviously, if I wasn’t going to talk about the shitting thing I wouldn’t be typing this at all.

When I quit smoking, I stopped talking about smoking.  I purposely did not say that I was TRYING to quit smoking, I was simply quitting.

I quit because it's unhealthy not because I don't like them. I like them a lot.

Trying to quit sets  up a convenient excuse when you fail.  And what have we learned about excuses?

Go see the dude that made this.

Not talking about my diet is not an option for me.


Today I have been charged with using my new phrases in situations where food pushers attack.  So, if my neighbor calls and invites me over for coffee with the neighborhood ladies, I will go and when she offers me the awesome cake she bakes and coffee, I will take my coffee black and tell her that I am full from breakfast and couldn’t possibly eat another bite, it’s not like Betty From Across the Street is going to force feed me in her dining room.

Eat it!

I do not foresee food pushers invading my space today, I am working on my research paper and I am not planning to leave the office until I stumble downstairs to collapse in bed.

Day Six’s Exercises 

Think of three high risk food situations and develop a plan for protecting my progress.

Family Gatherings

  •  “No thank you, I want to wait until the big meal!”
  • “I really want a piece of cherry pie right now, but I will wait until after dinner.”
  • I will watch the amount of food I take and I will not take seconds.
  • Don’t hang out in the kitchen.

Car Trips

  • Pack healthy snacks in the car.
  • Pick the healthiest available option at any place you stop for food.
  • Drink water
  • Get out and stretch often

The Week Before My Period Every Month

  • Stock the house with healthy choices
  • Remember my commitment no matter what
  • Continue to workout
  • Find healthy ways to satisfy normal pre-menstrual cravings.
  • Tell myself how beautiful I think I am.
  • Don’t forget that my appearance changes the week before my period.  I am not failing in my progress.

Today’s Commitments

  • Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
  • Re-write March calendars
  • Finish my rough draft and turn it into WritePoint and the Plagiarism Checker
  • Watch something with Travis while my head is lying in his lap.

I leave you with one more gratuitous picture of my legs.  My sexy sexy legs.

They will be mine!





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