Tiny Stories about Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Lemon Juice Salt Scrub

Our internet was out for two days, and like so many other people, almost all of my day to day responsibilities are done using the internet, I cannot work or participate in school without it.  It is also really easy to mope around and complain about it until your family hates you.  I decided to do something else instead.  First I figured out that the program I was looking for in Windows was called Sticky Notes and NOT Post-It Notes.  The amount of time, measured in months, that it took me to figure it out is embarrassing.  EMBARRASING.  Anyway, to-do lists are my friend.  I find that before I go to bed I must finish or reschedule the tasks I have written down, without a to-do list I become stagnant and lazy, it’s an issue.  But fuck was I productive!  I filled and sent out lip balm orders, made labels and ingredient lists for my crackers (did I mention I did a giveaway?)  I also made thank yous for the testers who have signed up to help me develop the products for my shop.  Jacelyn and I organized her binder for school, and I finished printing out the Valentines template for our Valentine making party on the 4th of February.

But shit!  I forgot to buy construction paper to make paper heart chains for the classroom.  GRRR…

Can you see that I am trying to visualize Spring?

I also bought Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred, Trav and I did it for the first time on Friday.  I am in pain, it takes me much longer to sit on the toilet than it should.

She says something in this one that sticks out to me.  I know she is famous from The Biggest Loser, but I have never watched it.  In the beginning of the workout she points out that 400 lb. people do the exercises I am doing, and if they can do it, so the fuck can I.  I am only 30 lbs. overweight, get off the pity train and move forward.

After this I made a fresh lemon juice and sea salt scrub for my shower.  It is the most energizing scrub I have ever used!

1 cup of sea salt.

1 zested lemon.

Squeeze the lemon juice right onto the salt and zest mixture, stir it up and give yourself a reward for surviving Jillian Micheals brand of torture.

Then I made cookies.

We brought some to Hazel and invited her over for pizza and a game of FastTrack.  The lighting in my dining room is downright atrocious.  I may have to consider repainting it.

I hid some cookies downstairs to eat after the children went to bed.  It’s the perfect oatmeal raisin cookie recipe, I just make sure I under cook them a little so they are soft and chewy.

I leave you tonight with a picture of my Tiny Book of Tiny Stories.  I bought it for myself for my birthday, as well as the first edition.  Visit http://hitrecord.org/ and check out their set up.  It’s an open collaborative production company.  From a pool of over 8500 artists and authors, Joseph Gordon-Levitt handpicked illustrations to go with tiny stories of often only one sentence.  It is such a quietly expressive volume of stories, and I think everyone should get one!



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