Can I Bake Crackers for You?

Last week I decided to do a Giveaway for some crackers.  I haven’t made any in quite some time and I though that maybe somewhere, someone would like to eat a batch of freshly baked cheddar stars.  I found a quote from one of my favorite comedians ever, Mitch Hedberg, and asked one of the fans of my Facebook page to identify who it was.  To my delight, it was answered by someone I don’t know at all!  It is not of course because I don’t like making things for people I know, but because I like having the opportunity to wow someone with my crackers who has never tried anything of mine before.  So tomorrow I am baking a batch of Cheddar Garlic Stars for my winner on Facebook, Jessica.

I am contemplating doing a cracker giveaway fairly regularly.  I have a nice group of fans and the giveaway’s are a great way to spread the word about my products.  I am stoked to start playing around with different flavors as well.  Because home baked crackers are a genius idea!

Those ones are garlic parmesan.

Rustic cut butter and sea salt crackers.

I call these Sugar Crackers, they are basically a very crunchy and crackery sugar cookie covered with colored sugar.  I make them with simple syrup in a variety of flavors.  Lemon is one of my favorites!

Cheddar Ranch hearts for my favorite cousin Jon.



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