Save Animals and Save Your Lips and an Organizationally Deficient Teenager

For a teeny tiny internet based fundraising idea from the mind of my love love loverly daughter Miss Alice and my kitchen, we had an exciting day!  The director of the Minneapolis based rescue we are raising money for left a really nice comment on our Facebook Fanpage and posted a link to us on THEIR Facebook Fanpage.  Are you still following me?  Good!  This veritable flurry of link posting brought in 6 more Facebook Fans, 4 of them were complete strangers!  If you could see the restraint it took for me to use only one exclamation point in that last sentence you would understand this perfectly…

If you know me you are laughing right now.  So am I.  If you listen hard you may here me snort.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  Not only did the link sharing bring in new fans, it also brought in 5 more orders of lip balm that totaled $80.  That goes directly to Pet Project Rescue, no middle man, no hidden fees.  That is fucking awesome, for real!

While Alice was writing the thank you notes that we slide into the envelope for each order, she said, “I kind of feel famous.”

I am proud of her for her idea and her efforts, she has raised over $250, but my pride means nothing.  Seeing her be proud of herself is such a great feeling.  She is forging quite an awesome path with oodles and oodles of support and encouragement from every side.  I always knew she was a force to be reckoned with, I feel privileged to watch her do her thing.  That is when I am not frustrated by her normal 8 year old really smart girl tendencies that make me want to hide in the basement frequently.  Which brings me to another subject.

I have heard it said that your first child is the one you make all of your mistakes with.  I would revise that to say, the younger and unhealthier you are when you first have children, the more chance you have of fucking it up royally.  I am on a mission to teach this child to organize her school work, she desperately needs to feel as though she is succeeding at something, this is a good place to start.  I am planning a series of posts from my perspective as Jacelyn’s mother, what I did and what I could have done differently that could have changed the way our relationship and her mental health has progressed.  It will be an interesting couple of months.

There is even MORE good news.

I have decided to dedicate this year to not only school, but also testing and reinvention of my Etsy shop.  I enjoy the work of creating delicious and sinfully yummy bath and body products, and don’t forget about the crackers, holy crap the crackers!  I am also really really good at it.  Testing will commence in March, my goal is to have a shop up, running, and stocked by January 17th, 2013.  That date has special significance, I will force positive connotations on it whether it likes it or not.  *slams hand on table*

On Monday I start my third block of courses.  My second English class, in which I will have to write an academic research paper and American Culture and Media which I am STUPID excited about.  I just hope my classmates talk to me a little more often as the time goes on.  Intelligence is intimidating I guess.

Textbooks from my first block of courses! Exciting, I know.

I am boring the pants off of myself.  I will save the rest of it for tomorrows post.  It’s another goal, I want to make at least 3 posts a week.  It’s doable, I have a lot to say and I am tired of talking to myself.  You get to pick through to find any useful tidbits of wisdom and mediocre recipes ( tried to make my buns filled with veggies and screwed up the damn recipe TWICE).  I have ideas people, tons of fucking ideas and a perfect platform to work them out and implement them.  Buckle in whores, it’s time.


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