Lavender and Freesia Solid Lotion in Little Jars

I ordered Shea Butter and a few super yummy skin nourishing extracts, mallow, carrot, and dulce.  Along with my order was a sample of dried lavender, and I have a big block of beeswax still.  So tada!  Lavender Freesia solid lotion and cuticle moisturizer in one.  I have been using it all night and my hands feel and smell absolutely perfect.

I have been meaning to clean out my tubs of lotion and lip butter making stuff.

I sorted it out, but I still have to find a place for the rest of it.  I have a case of the lazies.

Otis helped by playing with an unexplained lone purple sock from the tub.  Fierce doesn’t even begin to describe it.

I had to wash dishes before I did anything creative.  I think this may be where I started losing interest.

I also broke a cup in my haste.  To that I say boo.

I was reminded about the two last orders of lip butter that I have yet to get in the mail.  As well as a box of candy for my friend Tracey that I have been holding on to for 2 fucking months.  There is no excuse, the post office is two blocks away.  I have no memory, scatterbrained doesn’t begin to describe it.    Then I remembered that it is Saturday and the post office had closed 3 hours ago.  I have written it on my calendar for Monday.  If it isn’t written down it doesn’t get done.  We also have to return some overdue library books.

Seeing as this is a solid lotion it calls for more beeswax than I usually use.  So it has a strong smell of beeswax as well.  I really like that about it, Jacelyn hates the way it smells so I am willing to bet she won’t be using any of it, and that doesn’t bother me even one bit!

I love Shea butter, but I think I like the mango butter better.

I snatched this photo from this place, because I forgot to take a picture of the ones I have.  I had forgotten that I do not own a mortar and pestle, and I think I actually would really like to, because it would have been a lot easier to crush them up, and I could have done a more thorough job.  I want to grow lavender.  I also think Spring should hurry up.

I added a little freesia fragrance oil to the mix and ended up with a nice and light floral scent.  I am not a fan of floral, but I got the freesia as a free sample from the company I order my supplies from, this was a good way to use it.  The Beeswax is the dominant smell, but the lavender and freesia come out really great after you apply it.

Tomorrow, whipped lotion with shea butter, sugar scrub and salt scrub.  I will be smelling delicious when the lover gets home from his nerd party!


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