Christmas Day Fancy Schmancy Cold Noodle Salad

Since I forgot my camera on Christmas I don’t have a picture of my salad as it looked after Trav and I changed the recipe up a little.  So I borrowed the picture from the website I got the recipe from.  Go here to read the original recipe!  Keep reading here if you feel like listening to me ramble.

We only made a few changes to the recipe, instead of arugula we used fresh baby spinach, we added pears and red peppers and used a dash of apple cider vinegar along with the lemon juice.  Look at random shit from the last few months since I haven’t been updating.

Pickle is less than pleased with the reindeer costume.  I don’t see the issue…

Miss Alice turned a banana into a smile maker.

I really enjoyed Thanksgiving last year.

Bacon smiled at me.

I went to Heather’s 40th birthday party and learned something new.  Tenacious D!

I caught him mid swing on the stripper pole equipped party bus.

It’s been a warm and awesome winter.  I went to the store with a dress and sweater on today, and I wasn’t cold.  January?

My husband is amazing.  I feel so lucky.

Humphrey P. took a bath.

Pickle is much more comfortable wrapped in Mario blanket awesome.

The sunsets have been spectacular lately.  Enjoy them when you can, because they are worth it.


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