Reinvented Sour Cream Raisin Pie

I made pie for Christmas.  Cherry because it’s my favorite, but it turned into cherry soup and I personally liked it even more because of it!  I also made a sour cream raisin pie because I remembered my mom liked it, and we hadn’t had it at Christmas for a while.  Behold the mother of all sour cream raisin pies, made even better by the absence of meringue!  Blech!  The recipe is not mine, and I followed it exactly so go here if you want to make it.  You want to make it, really you do.

I haven’t even looked at this blog since a week or so before I got married, in August.  Huh, how time flies!  I started school immediately after marrying Travis.

I am going to let you in on a secret.  I totally hate my hair, but I am obviously had no choice in the matter, until a couple of weeks later when I asked Travis to shave it bald.

I loved it, but now I am growing it out and leaving it natural.  Which means I have grey hair and it is glaringly obvious.  I think I love it.

I also got a job, at a company in a nearby town, working with elderly individuals in their homes, my boss was great at pretending to care, until she couldn’t pretend adequately any longer.  I quit and am instead caring for my family, which is a full time job on it’s own, and concentrating on school, Envisage and what I hope will become a crafty side job that will give me lots of personal satisfaction.

It was Christmas just recently, and I forgot my fucking camera at home, It still makes me so mad that I want to hop around the room.  I have no pictures of Christmas.  *sad panda*  But I do have a picture of my new slippers and I KNOW you want to see it!

Thanks Mom!  These are the best ones so far!

While I didn’t get any photos of the kids opening presents and hanging out with family, I did get a photo of my kids walking ahead of us on a trail a few days before Christmas.  Walking, having fun and laughing, for the most part.  My Christmas gift this year, aside from new windows as Travis would point out, was a cohesively working family unit.  And I think that is pretty fucking cool.  How was your holiday?


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