Lemon Garlic Chicken Salad Stuffed Rosemary Bread

Since I am no longer a working out of the house woman, I need to pare down my grocery spending habits again.  Maybe that is what finally spurred me on the start posting again.  Or maybe it’s just because I have the time to cook now and really like sharing it with everyone, maybe it’s both!  Either way, at the grocery store the other day I perused what I call “the old bread” cart and found these…

It had to be used or frozen by that night, so I bought three and froze them.  I also bought frozen chicken breasts in a bag, which is against everything I hold to be sacred about feeding chicken to my children, but the dollar speaks and the mom must listen.  The bread is delicious by the way, stuffed with my chicken salad even better, dipped into the chicken salad sauce makes it divine.


Filled, drizzled, and ready to eat!

It’s Christmas break here and while the girls are happily ensconced in Rochester with their Auntie Katie and Grandma, Eli is still here and bored.  He got a 3ds for Christmas from his Grandma Pat; surprisingly he only played it for a little bit this morning.  The rest of the day he spent building forts and having parties with his pillowpets.  He made a bed out of the chairs.

See the Super Mario Bros blanket he got from Grandma Vicky.

The party must go on!

How about you stop taking pictures of me now?  ps.  he got mario jammie pants too, he loves them!

I woke up with no inclination to be even remotely productive today.  Sometime in the early afternoon that changed when I threw that frozen loaf of rosemary bread in the oven.  I was talking to my friend and was absently picking the soft bread out of the middle of the end piece.  Slowly it dawned on me what I could do, and I even had some delicious mayo to use!

I only like mayo on tomato sandwiches and in chicken and egg salad.  This is mayo that I could eat on everything.  While it freaks me out a little, I think I could even use this mayo as a dip for vegetables, all by itself.  Gross!  But maybe yum!

I mixed that mayo and that lemon juice and added a handful of green onions, while that was happening I was sauteing minced garlic in butter and and browning chicken in it.  My whole house smelled like what you want any restaurant you walk into to smell like.

I cut the chicken up into little pieces after it cooled off a little bit.  I ate a few chunks, I admit it.

I added a finely minced onion and some celery as well as a honeycrisp apple.

I ate the rest of the apple.  Have you had honeycrisp apples yet?  I highly recommend them, as well as sweet tango.  I totally forgot to photograph the part where I poured the minced garlic and melted butter and lemon juice into the mayo and lemon juice mixture.  I mixed it up and it was a little thin, so I rethought the plan.  I mixed about half of the sauce with the chicken and apples and saved the rest to pour over each piece.

I ended up pouring the rest of it into a bowl and using it as a dip for my sandwich.  Delicious!  Next time I will be doing a lime juice and cilantro version!



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