We Went Camping for Fourth of July, What Did you Do?

Travis planned a get together for the 4th of July weekend, at his parents farm.  I got so many freaking bug bites!  Ack!

Here are Jill and Jake playing Catchphrase.

Denny and John!

Kyle and Amanda!

Have I mentioned that I love this man?

Also, I literally just found out that they are planning a bachelor party.  I am NOT one of those women that freak about about porn or anything, but it does make me a little uncomfortable to know that he is going to have other women gyrating around on his lap.  I will just plan to keep myself intoxicated that weekend.

His face was dirty, this wet wipe did nothing to remedy the situation.  Are you surprised?

Harry and Alice became fast friends.

So pretty.

Time to cook hotdogs on sticks, and throw back the drinks.

Who doesn’t love rolling down hills?

Gearing up to roast marshmallows.  I don’t like smores as much as I did when I was a kid.  This makes me a sad panda.

At this point I went home to feed Humphrey P. and smoke cigarettes.  This is the weekend everything “started.”  I won’t get into it again, because I think I am finally rising above the madness.  Go Me!

Day 2 brings Cranium.  Jake and I were on a team, and neither of us does such a hot job on the charades type questions or the humming.  WTF?  Humming?

I want to go on record as saying that I LOVE Amanda’s dress.

It’s a drawing one!  I like the drawing ones, you have to do it with your eyes closed!

Here is Denny’s, can you guess what it is?

This is Ine.  I have no idea how to spell her name.  She is such a sweet pup.

Wren is trying to eat chips.  That is not a good idea.

Eli wanted to get in on the drawing action.

Eli and I went home each evening.  I know, this means I am a pussy who doesn’t like to camp.  I was simply tired of trying to sleep in a two person tent with four people one of whom moved every 30 seconds and elbowed me in the face repeatedly.  I intended to consume this.  I ended up saving it for the next weekend when i went up to Jon’s place.  I drank less than half and left the rest for them.  Just not an alcohol drinker really.

This was a super boring post.  I am going grocery shopping on Wednesday.  I am so excited to actually cook something.  Even though we have a heat index of 115 predicted for Thursday, I WILL be cooking something simply fucking fantastic.

See you then!


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