Spring Park for the Win! Snake Bites Make me Sad.

Yes, you DO have to eat the gross sandwiches I bought for you from Kwik Trip before we go run around and play and get bitten by snakes.

The water I filled my bottle up with was so cold and delicious.  Anyone who says water is water and tastes the same is simply wrong.  TRAVIS.

His smile is so goofy.  These teeth!  I love them!

As Amanda said over on Miss Alice’s blog, she really needs to stop being so cool.

We put them in the swings wrong, which is probably why Eli almost sustained a bloody head injury about 30 seconds after this shot.  The main think I want you to see here is that Jacelyn is not only pushing the swing, but she is smiling and allowing herself to be photographed.

Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

HI-YAAA!  I don’t know.

Before the snake bite.


I told her not to go down there.  I told her not to touch the snakes.  I told her to leave them alone.  30 seconds after Eli and I walk away.  I called her an assface and guess what?  I totally meant it.

Growing up through the rocks.  Green is my favorite color.

Travis has informed me that the kids like to come and paint the second “o” in Cook, making this the Harry Cock Nature Trail.  This makes me laugh.  I wish it had been changed when we were there.

More green more happy.

Eli was happy to get back to the playground and find some kids who wanted to interact a little.  They were going VERY fast here, Eli could barely hold on.

This is how I figured out we had placed Alice and Eli in the swings the wrong way.

This little boys hair made me so sad.  I want Eli’s long beautiful locks back.  They were so perfect.

I leave you with my favorite picture from the whole day, I also used this as my Day 310 submission on Envisage.  I cannot believe today is Day 322, I cannot believe I will be starting recruitment in a few weeks.  I also can’t believe I didn’t think of this when deciding on a date for the wedding.  omg…


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