Laughing at a Cemetery is Only Inappropriate if Someone Hears You

If you are any of the people who can count yourselves lucky enough to be my friend on Facebook (and Google+, go ahead and be jealous bitches) you know that the last week has been utter shit.  I won’t go into it, just know that my family is dealing with some senseless bullshit.  Senseless Junior High School B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.

So I went to see Jess, got out of this little fucking  jackass town, self medicated a little and strolled through a cemetery.  Where I saw these…

This one made me giggle in a “teehee, that was a play” kind of way.

Then I turned around and saw this one, which described me perfectly at the moment.

I saw this one and guffawed.  Then we saw this one and I laughed out loud, so loud in fact that I looked around to see if anyone was around.  I can have tact sometimes you know!

Apparently Grace was a total brownnoser.

When I turned around once again and saw this, I had to grab onto Jess while I doubled over in a fit of laughter that no one would ever even consider appropriate for a cemetery.

Can you imagine the taunts this individual got.  Priewert the Prevert anyone?  OMG…I am laughing again.

Because I know this one is next, and it’s rich, it’s just fucking rich…

Daddy Harry Priewert.  Oh really now?  This is something that you would not generally splash all over the cemetery now!

If I didn’t know that hell (i don’t believe in it, it just fits) had a special place for me already, I would have secured my spot well enough this day!

The unfortunate surname collection on this stretch of path at the cemetery is just mind boggling.  You can’t recover from the first one you see before you turn around and see another one!

We left shortly after this and drove a little more.  The sunset was pretty.

The moon was pretty.

This road made me try and put my situation into perspective.

This is me thinking I had…

And then they brought my kids into it.  Now I am just fucking pissed.  I haven’t slept well for days, so this bitch is about to go throw down a trazadone and pass out.

I am going to go hang out with my cousin Jon this weekend.  Maybe I can de-stress and come back in a way that is more in tune with my nature.

Cross those fingers for me friends, because I don’t know how much more of this I can take.


One thought on “Laughing at a Cemetery is Only Inappropriate if Someone Hears You

  1. Laughing at a cemetery is FINE. Why should it only be sorrow and tears?! Be careful with Jon…last time you two were together he got you pretty drunk LOL

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