Honey Butter Carrot Pancakes and Yarn Bowls Made with Messy Amounts of Glue!

So we thought it would be super fun to make yarn bowls, an idea I found over here at The Crafty Crow.  What kid doesn’t like total permission to stick their hands into bowlfuls of glue?  My kids that’s who.

Granted, they both gave it a try before the gloopy amounts of glue settling onto their fingers just started to get way too bothersome.

I ended up finishing both on my own.  Which was surprising.  This one is Jess’s, she was able to finish hers all on her own!

I like the bell shape a lot.  When I do mine I think I am going to use the bell form.  I haven’t done mine yet as I really want to do it at a time when I am by myself and I can put on some relaxing music and just goop my hands up and relax!

This one is my best friend Kirsten’s, she did hers in the way I am planning to do mine.  The only difference is that I am using Noro Kureyon self striping hand painted yarn.  My hands down FAVORITE yarn ever!

Seeing as she is using hers as a light fixture she did things a little differently.  After covering her bowl with plastic wrap she put strips of mesh wall repair tape on it to help hold it together.  After it dried ( I left ours sit for 48 hours) she turned it over and painted the inside of the bowl with a mix of flour, glue and water (a thick paste no real measurements), after THAT dried she covered the bowl inside and out with 3 to 4 coats of a clear lacquer.

She tested the flammability of it by having her husband attempt to light it on fire.  She says that while it will start on fire eventually, it takes a VERY long time to happen and that once the lacquer dries it is totally safe.

This is the one piece of furniture we allow the children to jump on.  They take advantage of that freedom very liberally.  🙂

Then I forced them to eat healthy pancakes.

This is my go to Whole Wheat Pancake recipe.  Last time I did carrot pancakes I did not cook the carrots I just processed them and threw them in as is.  This time I sauteed them in butter and honey with a liberal amount of cinnamon.

Then I pureed it into baby food (but not really baby food because it has honey in it and babies aren’t supposed to have honey).

Speaking of baby food, I beg you, do not buy jarred baby food.  It’s GROSS!  I am going to post a few of my favorite baby food recipes, if you have a baby and you want to feed her things that taste delicious, then steer clear of the baby food aisle and buy fresh!

I mixed all of the puree in with the pancake batter and dropped it by spoonfuls into my pan.  I used Olive Oil instead of butter because I am attempting to not be a fat ass.  For your information, pancakes fried in butter taste better.

Suck it up buttercup I tell myself!

While Miss Alice was in Rochester a few weeks ago, for a few weeks, her Grandma Patti found a Barnes and Noble gift card that was Alice’s from Giftmas this last year, so of course they went to pick out some reading material.  She came home with this.  She totally my little girl!

This is the recipe she wants to make with me.  It might seriously have to wait until the school year starts up and I start working again.  Money is tight and my grocery budget already just barely covers us.  We can patient, right?  RIGHT!?!?

Handy Manny says, “heeeeey!”


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