Veggie Hash and Scrambled Egg Tortillas, and Gratuitous Photos of my Super Cute Bunny

I love the iridescent look of this egg yolk.  The slimy nature of eggs gives me the shivers.  I like to eat eggs, I do not like to handle them.  The first time I ever prepared farm fresh eggs, I was surprised because I had never thought about the poop factor.  HA!

I like to use Cottage Cheese in my scrambled eggs, it makes them really fluffy and dense, and they get a light cheesy flavor that just kind of tickles your taste buds.  Yeah, I said tickles your taste buds, because sometimes you have to say it like it is without trying to sound hip, apparently cottage cheese in scrambled eggs is a qualifying moment.

Before scrambling these I sauteed green peppers, garlic and onions.

I scrambled the eggs slowlyand spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time cutting potatoes and zucchini into tiny uniform pieces.  Next time, the onions and peppers will be cut like this too, I had a bit of a change of plans midway through.  I sauteed all the vegetables with Olive Oil spray.  Things you are willing to do for your health, seriously.

I added garlic powder and salt, we were out of Lawry’s, after dinner I saw we had some cajun spice mix.  Delicious!

We threw it on tortillas, I didn’t use any salsa, it was old…I was surprised that I didn’t even need it.  This is a super cheap meal, and every one loves it.  Eli even ate all of his without fighting, that is HUGE.

Then I met Christina, Trav’s cousin and her two children, Davey and Ryan.

I got a good shot of Ryan but not so good with Jaci and this one, which was GREAT of Jaci, not so much of Ryan.  I had to pick this one, because I love how Jaci is looking right at me.

Davey, who Eli referred to as his new boyfriend yesterday.  I had no idea who he was talking about!  He is pretending to shoot Eli, as Eli was the evil superhero in this equation.  I have to get him to make the face for the camera some day, it is hilarious, as he also starts hyperventilating in a menacing way.  HA!

She twirled herself in a nosedive.  It was a beautiful evening.  I cannot wait until this cold goes away.

I asked Eli to pick some lettuce from the garden for Humphrey P.

Humphrey P. was pretty excited when she saw Eli run over to the little patch.  Next year, I am planning to grow lots of different lettuce, we all love lettuce and it seems to be an easy one to grow.  I need easy.

Lettuce!  Do you have any dill in there?  Mint?  Cilantro?  Hooray salad!

If you want cute, she’ll give you cute.


Last but not least, a photo I took through the garage window looking out at our clothesline, i like the way it framed itself.

That is all…




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