Wedding Pictures! We Will Take Them Here!

Well, some of them at least.  They are fixing the main road I generally use to get to and from Austin and Rochester.  This means I take a detour.  Without this detour I never would have found this building.  This building of simply delicious small town, old world deliciousness.  The building I was MEANT to have my wedding photos taken in front of.    I can see myself and Trav here.  Trav needed a little cajoling, and when I say cajoling, I do NOT mean telling him that these are my wedding pictures and he will do what I say when I say it in relation to anything having to do within the time frame of our session, which will begin at 5 am in order to obtain the freshest light.  I told him it probably won’t be fun.  I also told him to stfu about it and put his big girl panties on.  Also, we will need a ladder, a largish one.

Church or no church, we ARE getting some of our pictures done here.  And with that I stick my tongue out and waggle it around a little in Trav’s direction.

Because, you know, just look at it…those stairs are beautiful and perfect.  Like they were made for me to sit on in my wedding dress with my Trav.  I shiver a little.

And this one…

If you are blessed with any sort of imagination at all, you can picture the possibilities this space presents.  I am so literally excited to compose pictures here that I could cry.

I haven’t figure out much of the composition aspects for this space, but I know I want to use it for something.  I have been looking at images online for inspiration.  Something will come to me.

The whole place just talks to me as a photography hobbyist.  I love everything about it.

Trav and Javier, they are twins in more ways then just looks.  Both are infuriating and totally lovable.

I want you to understand that I know exactly why Travis is uncomfortable taking our pictures in front of a church, and even though I disagree with his argument almost completely, I respect his right to have it, share it and live by it.  I did fall in love with the man for a reason.  I also think that sometimes, there are exceptions to things, which you believe in vigorously.   You know, those things that make up part of the core that is you.  We all have them, they are all different.  Our resistance to making an exception is based on totally different things.

I count myself extremely lucky to have Travis.  I’ve never known anyone like him before.  Almost fascinating.

Also, I totally DARE you to call me bridezilla, double DOG dare you.  (what does that even mean?  who came up with that?)


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