The House on the Rock, Finally

For Fathers Day weekend Travis took us to The House on the Rock.  My mom had told me about this place years ago and I have always wanted to visit.  Miss Alice was in Rochester and Jacelyn had a friend over, so they did not come along.  I am planning a before school starts trip for just the girls in August.  Out of almost 400 photos I have chosen 35 to represent the trip.  The history of the place is really interesting and if you ever have the chance to go, I highly recommend it, as well as a pair of very comfortable shoes, or a dress long enough to hide your bare feet.

There are these huge statues leading up the driveway, the boys thought the dragons were super cool while Jaci and I commented on the little pockets in each one that held flowers.

After 4 hours or so in the car, we are here.  Steph let us borrow her van, this was a very good thing.

Dragon Fountain!

The obligatory group picture, that I quite obviously did not pay much attention too.  I will blame it on a fidgety Eli.  You will believe me because he’s a three year old little boy.

That’s kind of cool!

It is so beautiful and serene here.  It was a beautiful day.

The Infinity Room scared the shit out of me.  You can feel it wobbling under your feet.  It made me a bit ill.

I want bookshelves like these in my house!

There were several of these lamps throughout the house in various colors and shapes.  This was the clearest one I took.  I really need to learn how to use my camera.

Now we move on to my love affair with bottles.

A collection like this makes me flutter a little.

Then I see this and I itch for wanting to hold them.

Give yourself tape worms, lose weight!  See, people have been doing insane things to lose weight since forever.

These make me think of softly sweet candy.

There were several of these spread out through the exhibits, the small ones are fascinating to me.

What do you see?  I see a penis and a mustache made into the shape of a cross.  I realize I am a very sick person.

Jaci and I both agreed that we would LOVE to have this window in our rooms.

This took me back to the Yellow House, where I squatted for a few months back in my raver days, back in the mid 90’s.  We took some street punks in and one night they bought a shit load of Hamm’s, presumably because it was cheap.  It was so disgusting I don’t even know how in the world I got it down my throat.  Ick.

In the girls bathroom in the Inspiration Room, which is a code name for The Just Another Food Court Selling Overpriced Bad Quality Food Room.  The bathroom was pretty though.

Trav was getting a little touchy feely with the statues.  I think he might have some weird fetish going on that i don’t know about.  Who wants to take bets that all the really freaky stuff starts coming out AFTER the wedding??  A few months ago he was molesting Jesus, and now this?

Come on!

These are creepy dolls, they are perched around the dollhouses like creepy giant girls with a chip on their shoulder.  It makes me shudder a little.

Especially this one.  She makes me understand Robin Two’s dislike of creepy old dolls.

It’s a prosthetic leg with a gun in it.  That is fucking sweet.

Last but not least I give you a picture of one of the hundreds of Seraphim with their breasts bare, there are just as many who are also fondling themselves.  I would have LOVED to know this dude in person.  I bet he was a hoot!


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