Someone had a Birthday Party and Someone Else Cheated and Used Boxed Cake Mix

My Little Man turned four.  He is very excited about this and this is now how he introduces himself,

“My name is Eli.  I am Four.”

Yes you are Little Man, yes you are.

I started a tradition for our family a couple of years ago.  We dubbed it the Birthday Breakfast.  Here are the rules, on the morning of your birthday you get to request anything you want for breakfast.  Anything.  I will cook it, within reason, as I get older maybe I will get less squeamish.  As it is everyone likes to tease me by fake requesting things like seafood and gross things like that.

This year Eli chose chocolate cake and pepperoni pizza.  I keep waiting for someone to request a full steak dinner.  What would be really nice, is if someone would take it upon themselves to make ME a Birthday Breakfast.  That’s the kind of thing that happens in the future though when my children have finally turned into conscientious human beings.

I can be patient.

I made a layer cake for the first time ever.  The frosting, heavy whipping cream and devils food chocolate pudding.  I will never make another frosting, ever.  I am planning a strawberry jello cake with banana pudding frosting.

That would be good!

Eli thought maybe he would really like to open his presents from Grandma Pat first.

Trav was helping him navigate his awesome birthday card.  Push the green button and Hulk says, “Hulk Smash!  Bring on cake!”

This is a recordable book, he listens to Grandma Pat read to him each night.  i think it might be his favorite gift of all.

Powers Rangers action figures?  WHAT?!?  Eli officially thinks Grandma Pat is the coolest lady ever!

Powers Rangers backpack for Preschool in August!  He’s watched his Power Rangers movie a few times already too!

Alright, can we have cake already??

Blow out the candles, of course, MY kid burns his lip.

This picture looks backwards.  He blew out the candles before we did presents, but ate cake after presents.  I lit the candles too early and really, relighting them for the sake of cohesive pictures just was not in my nature that morning.

Sydney was here to celebrate with us, that made everyone happy.

He knows he’s cute.

Then Sydney did his hair and I vowed to make the next birthday cake for Miss Alice from scratch.  Boxed cake mix makes me cry a little.


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