Aggie the Magnificent

At 7 o’clock in the morning this last Friday, I heard a loud banging on our door.  I didn’t even put my glasses on, for those of you who don’t know me, this means I couldn’t see.  It was Trav’s Dad Mark, he rescued a little kitten in town and wanted to know if we wanted him.


It wasn’t meant to be.  Trav reminded me that the last time we needed to buy litter, he had to purchase it and per our agreement.  I take care of the animals if I want animals.  Fine.  Be logical then.  Just fine.

So here are the pictures I took when we had little Aggie, for less then 24 hours.

Really Trav?  How can you be logical in the face of this adorable nonsense!?!

He was SO photogenic.  He had this amazing triangular face.

After he finished devouring some cat food, he passed out.  Tired little tyke.

This is my favorite I think.

They were fast friends.  Travis took him and brought him to the farm.  If the big cats let him stick around he will be just fine.

I still want him back though.


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