Refrigerator Pickles, To-Do Lists and a Trip to the Library

What the hell?  I know, ok.  I have not updated and I have been WAY relaxed about feeding my family processed foods.  It started out with hot ham and cheese made with super cheap lunch meat and plastic cheese.  The problem is that they were really fucking delicious.  It’s an issue.

Two weeks ago I made these refrigerator pickles that I found over here on hip girls guide to homemaking.  We could eat them now, but she says to wait at least three weeks for the best flavor.

I made these before I discovered the dill growing in my garden, that I didn’t plant there!  If the carrots turn out I know EXACTLY what I plan on doing with the ones I am growing.

This time I used jalapenos (for Jacelyn), cucumbers, carrots and slices of garlic.  I really want to eat these, like, really really.  Emphasis on the really.

Making these with the Atomic Red carrots I am growing will be visually stunning I think!

I re-used spaghetti sauce jars for the pickles.  Years ago I shared that one way I recycle is by reusing any glass jars we use during cooking as drinking glasses.  The response I received from one person in particular just shot me right in the heart.

“I may be poor, but I’m not THAT poor.”

Thinking about it now I am surprised how hurt I actually was.  It doesn’t anymore, because guess what?  I am making veggie pickles and they are going to be fucking Delicious.  End of story.

I got the cucumbers at Aldi’s, a discount store that carries various brands of generic food.  Surprisingly, they have the cheapest and freshest produce in Rochester.  Which is good for me, I have a very limited food budget, at least until this fall when I start working.

Once this tired little boy goes to preschool I will be a working woman, hopefully doing something I love…

I am going to try the jalapeno pickles.  I swear it.  I have to get over my fear of spicy things.

We also went to the library, where Eli entered a few drawings and hunted for the elusive toucan that represents this years summer reading program.

He returned this book and checked out a few more.  He likes to sit on the bear in front of one of the shops in town.  It’s for sale.  I think it would be fun, and totally unrealistic, to open up a bakery.  A girl can dream right?

It took us forever and two circuits around the library as well as a hint from the librarian to find this bastard.  I think there might seriously be something wrong with me.  You can search for him every day and if you find him you get a prize.  Eli thought this was quite awesome.

I also decided to start using a to-do list app on my phone to keep me on task.  Two weeks after that decision, as I am writing this, the to-do list idea has been abandoned, for no reason than simple laziness.  It is really an effort for me to do anything of that sort.  I should buckle down and get back to it, things are getting busy with the wedding come up!


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