It was a Weekend. Was Your Weekend a Weekend Too?

We are out at the farm going through some stuff that was carted out of a home that has been sold.  The daughters (60 years old each, but still daughters!) were in town getting everything taken care of.  Trav bought Eli a new bed, Jacelyn and end table and me a rocking chair so I can sit and talk with Humphrey P. in the morning with my coffee.  I also found a super old Weight Watchers recipe book where it gives you the instructions on making celery into rice.  This involves intricate cutting into uniform shapes.  Can you even imagine.  I may try to do it in the spirit of Julie and Julia.

Also some really great salad dressing recipes, all of them sound really good.  Creamy Garlic and Chives, Cucumber French…uh…hmm….there are more, I don’t remember them.  Salad Dressing though!  Hooray!

Then we spent all morning building Humphrey P.  an outside home, so I don’t have to try and pick up the massive hutch to move it into the garage and out of the rain, after failing and having to call Mark (Trav’s Dad).  She’s got sweet digs…

First step?  Ponder.

The Boy likes to help.  Patience required.

He’s been having a tough time listening lately.  I am pretty sure that I am part of the problem.  I am WAY (notice the CAPS) better then I used to be when it comes to consistency, but I have a way to go.  Just ask Travis.  He might possibly be the most patient man I have ever met.

I think this is supposed to be sort of snarky and sarcastic and aimed at people who are just naturally not very smart.  But to me, it seems pretty profound.  I don’t think there is enough thinking going on, and to get quite serious for a moment, it scares the very pants off of me.  I am truly worried about our future as a nation.

Green Onions and Radishes from Ted.  SO good!

Today we built a house with an overhanging roof so Humphrey P. can have some shade.  I’ll get a better picture tomorrow…

Hehe…her little furry feet KILL me!

See where the black in the middle of the tube gets really deep?  That’s her sweet little face.



We are planning a second story for her Summer Home.  She is so awesome.  Never flinched when Travis and I were building her stuff.  Mostly Travis.  I swear she has a bit of a stuck up attitude.  I am going to buy her one of those treat ball things for dogs for her pellets.  We put a bunch in a paper bag and she had so much fun tossing it around to get them out!



This baby bird fell out of a tree.  Jacelyn brought him home, she is trying to keep him alive, but as she found online, it is very hard to hand raise a bird.  She was smashing up worms for him…um…ewww.  Any way, Bubba was alive when I went to bed, update in the morning!



We used to call her Sourpants Susie when she was a baby, we would tell her she must have eaten Sourball Soup for breakfast.  This still applies.  She’s been living on Sourballs for the last two weeks I think.

She’s getting a little break this weekend.  She will be spending a couple of weeks with her Aunt Katie, it will help I am sure, to spend a little time away from the adoring brother.



Then I made Zucchini Bread with Raisins.  It tastes like candy.  I used this recipe and made these adjustments:

Olive Oil instead of Vegetable Oil and Whole Wheat Flour instead of White, Raisins instead of Walnuts and I sugared the pans instead of flour dusting them.



Thick, dense and chewy.  Really really fucking good.  I will be making more.  They made me want Bran Muffins too.  I have to get my Mom’s recipe.  Delicious!

So I was watching TV when this commercial came on and it sort of took away the high of a good day.  I still love his music, and who am I to say what he can or can’t do to make some money.  The concert we went to last year he was trying to raise funds for his nephew.  This made me sad whatever the reason.

I never like to hear music I love being exploited in advertising.  For some reason I can’t find the video for the Nirvana song that was used in a commercial for a video game about BASEBALL.  That one just about made my blood boil.  ANGRY.  I only ever saw it once, maybe they pulled it out of some sort of attempt at decency.

Make that Zucchini Bread and eat big bites of it.  I am heading upstairs to stuff my face one more time before I brush my teeth and go to bed.




2 thoughts on “It was a Weekend. Was Your Weekend a Weekend Too?

  1. awesome writing. i love the way you write, and the pics that u put with that thinking. i truly love reading your shit(no lie and not cuz of Eli). You inspire me. Thanks.

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