It’s a Roadtrip to Wisconsin!

I woke up crabby, angry and utterly exhausted.  I was a complete and utter bitch.  For sure.  So Trav gave me some gas money and sent my ass to Wisconsin for some much needed time with my best friend Nayt.  He moved away a year ago, I haven’t seen him since.  He is integral to my sanity.  On the way I made a last minute decision to pick up Jess.  This was our weekend.

At the Preston Overlook for the first smoke break of the trip.  I only smoke socially these days, but woah Nelly!  When in a social situation I smoke like a fiend.

Interesting history…

…and a beautiful view.  ps.  I need a new lens.

Green is my favorite color.  I cannot wait to make a trip to see Nayt in the fall with the whole family.  Apple picking and fall colors.  Perfect.

We are stretching.  Or showing off our boobies, maybe both.  🙂

The day was fucking perfect for a four hour drive.  We had Hollywood Undead’s new album blaring out of the speakers, and occasionally Lonely Island.  Jess is a great roadtrip partner!

Here we come Nayt!

Our second smoke break.  This dogs eyes are fucking creepy!  They followed you around the parking lot at an energy co-op.  Why do they have a dog statue at an energy co-op?  More importantly why didn’t they paint his collar a different color then the rest of the dog.  We thought his eyes were cameras, that would have been super cool.  We were wrong.

We have arrived!  I convinced Jenna to put red lipstick on, she did, then asked to keep it.  I can’t wear it in the summer so I said yes and insisted on a picture.  The next morning we all went on a caper.  Jenna took one for the team, a big one for the team.  She gets gold stars.

This is Oliver…

This is Oliver’s paw…

He is a super sweet pussy cat.

It’s Nayt!  It’s Nayt!  omgomgomgomg it’s Nayt!  He’s pouring wine.  I drank Root Beer.

Nayt is a cook at the Potosi Brewing Company, his shirt says, Save Water, Drink Beer.  I can always tell how well Nayt is doing by how full his cheeks are.  I know if he is eating, he is happy.

Nayt looks good, this makes me happy.

Bye Nayt, I’ll see you in a few months!


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