Finally a School Project the Teenager was Excited About and a First Place Ribbon!

Jacelyn came home last week and let me know that her study group was doing a project on different cultures and the end of the project was going to consist of each team creating a few food dishes to feed to the entire class.  She then handed me a slip of paper with the title Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie, all of a sudden music started playing and gates to a heavenly place that smells like your favorite Mexican restaurant at dessert time opened up and enfolded me in it’s bad for you full of sugar arms.  This was a project made for us…

Unfortunately for all of you, you get no recipe.  Yet.  I am making it again next week, I’ll photograph the hell out of it and post it for you.  Jacelyn and her friend Sam made this one, they did a GREAT job with very little help from me.  We had to cut it into very small pieces so that everyone in the class could have a piece.  We all snuck one, and I can vouch that once in my mouth it also tasted like a heavenly Mexican restaurant at dessert time…smells, yeah, that’s right…ummm, I think.

You will want to make this.  You will want to eat it until you are sick to your stomach and ready to vomit.  The ease with which you make this delicious thing will amaze you.  You could make your children make it and then tell them how awesome it and they are for giving you this amazing-ness to place in your mouth.  Self esteem is important, this is a perfect way to build it in your children.  Once they make this and get heaps of praise they will want to make more delicious desserty things to feed you so that they can hear more praise fall out of your mouth and onto their shoulders.  They will smile, and nothing is better then your childs smile, right?  Well, maybe this dessert is better then a smile, but I am willing to pretend every once in a while that my children smiling is the best thing in the world.

Miss Alice on her way to  first place ribbon in the Hurdles during Track and Field.  Go her!

My niece Jaci in the pink preparing to leap her first hurdle!

Run Javier!  My nephew in the red.

This little girl was fascinated by my tattoos and my camera, by the end of the day she had her own toy camera and every time I put mine up to my face she would put hers up too.  She wouldn’t talk to me though, shy Little Lady she is.

Eli wonders why it is taking so long for the runners to appear.

Then he ate a sucker that was bigger than his head.

And now, we are off to go bear huntin’

When we get home, Rhubarb Butter Crunch, recipe to come!


2 thoughts on “Finally a School Project the Teenager was Excited About and a First Place Ribbon!

    • Trav said a few years ago at one point there was a bear kind of lost in the area, they caught him but left the traps up I guess.

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