Strawberry and Banana Cream Frozen Dessert Cups

I was Stumbling along last night looking for recipes to base my Shopping List on when I found this recipe from Bakers Royale.  Super easy, super cheap, and a very good chance of also being Delicious.  So I went to bed dreaming of perfect little Popsicles, Strawberries, Oreo Cookies and Yogurt.  It’ll be good for me, this is the draw here, tastes good, good for me.  If I want to fit into a wedding dress this summer I need to start cutting back on my “can’t ever have too much butter” philosophy in the kitchen.

I woke up with a better idea.

What Do I Need?

2 cups of Heavy Whipping Cream

I package of Banana Cream Pudding

Fresh or Frozen Strawberries

Crushed Oreo Cookies

Yeah, that’s Heavy Whipping Cream and Regular Banana Cream Pudding.

You got something to say?   Hmmm…

Yes, I did take 2 cups of Heavy Whipping Cream and combined it with Banana Cream Pudding.

Then I beat it with a mixer till it looked like this.

Meanwhile, The Boy wields a rolling pin in the dining room…

He was crushing Berry Burst Oreo Cookies.

They aren’t my favorite if you’re eating them just as cookies.  They worked well in this though.

I like regular Oreos.  So suburban I know.

As I folded in the Oreos, I keep repeating in different voices,

“I am folding in the Oreo Cookie pieces”

Eli thought it was funny when I drew out the word folding in a REALLY terrible Southern accent.

These are frozen Strawberries.  *cringe*

Remember up there?  I had to use what I had because I was lazy?

The Boy put out the Dixie Cups, this is when I realized we had no Popsicle Sticks.

I almost decided to put everything away until tomorrow when I would surely have the energy to go to the grocery store…maybe.

But then I realized it was ridiculous to think like that when I had a 3/4 finished dessert sitting in front of me.

Sometimes I’m delusional.  *shrug*

These are really delicious.  I am going to play with different flavor combos and dress it up a little.

OMG!  Cheesecake Pudding ones with different crusts and fillings!

I am so doing that for my wedding!

What Do I Do?

Prepare your Pudding Mix as directed but using the Heavy Whipping cream in place of milk.  Beat on high speed with a mixer until thick and creamy.

Fold your Oreo Cookies into the Cream.

I wanted chunks in my Strawberries so I left them as is.  You can puree yours if you don’t want chunks.

Layer Cream, then Strawberries, then Cream in a dessert cup or Dixie cup.  Place them in a baking dish and cover loosely with plastic wrap.

Freeze until frozen!



One thought on “Strawberry and Banana Cream Frozen Dessert Cups

  1. OMG… I want them NOW!! Start planning wedding food! Of course I will be there to help you! Best of all….you know how AWESOME it is to stay I will be there to help you and ACTUALLY BE THERE HELPING! :D. BTW…i’m not excited at all about coming out there!

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