Wanna go Grocery Shopping with Me?

This is one of the reasons I love to go Grocery Shopping.  Mostly it’s because I love to feed the people I love Delicious Food but I also love to look at all of this…

I will cover these in sugar.  I will swoon.

Peppers for Chicken Stuffed Peppers from Feeding the Creeks.

Yogurt for Granola!  Eli wanted to try this kind.

Day old Everything Bakery Buns for Croutons.

Eli and I highly recommend this chocolate bar.  You should eat it.

I took this picture for Kirsten because she loves monkeys and I knew this would make her smile.  I cannot WAIT to meet her in August!

I also bought Poppies.  The kids were fascinated by their hairy stems.

Sugared Strawberries.  Enough said.

Day old bread, cubed and tossed with Garlic Salt and Olive Oil, bake for a little bit in a 350 degree oven.  Easy and cheap.  Yum.

Because I bought more eggs, and we had more eggs from the farm I decided to make up some Egg Salad.  We love Egg Salad.

I don’t like Mayonnaise, and when I say or read the word I instinctively say it in the voice of Louis Gossett Jr.’s character in An Officer and a Gentleman.  I have seen it over 50 times, I still cry at the end, and it was also what started my decades long love affair with Richard Gere.

Anyway, I always have to add mustard to anything that calls for Mayo, until now.  This product is awesome.  I should really make my own.  I bet it would be better.

I ate it like this.  Don’t be jealous.

As an aside, this photo was taken a week and a half ago, if it’s possible I am sort of jealous of myself at this point as I have no more Egg Salad and no more yummy Everything Buns.

Later we ate fresh Strawberries with Whipped Cream from a can and packaged Shortcake.  I came the realization that I really enjoy Whipped Cream from a can and I really need to find a recipe for my own shortcake.

And that my friends concludes today’s Grocery Shopping.


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