Brightly Colored Pots with Green Things in Them

Yeah, so it snowed yesterday, and then today it snowed again.  I had all but decided to hunker down and spend the day curled up in bed with my laptop and my knitting, and then I spilled coffee, all over myself, my bed and my phone.

So what am I going to do?

I could let it ruin my day and cry about it, making myself and everyone around me miserable, which is my go to reaction.  Or I can stand up, whisk the sheets off the bed, they needed to be washed anyway and go about my day, not in bed and not hunkered down, but alive and breathing whether there is snow in the air or not.

Quite seriously though?  This was taken yesterday, it’s also my post for day over on Envisage.  WTF?  It’s April 20th.  While not unexpected exactly, logically I realize that in Iowa, you aren’t truly safe from snow until May, you can even stretch it to mid May if you want to be really pessimistic about it.

I don’t care who you are or where you are from, snow in April is irksome.

Pickle and I decided to do something Springy, and I forgot to photograph over half of it.  It IS 4/20, I DO have principles people.  Geesh.

Pickle finds this to be a smashing idea.  He insisted on standing on his hind legs next to me the entire time I was re-potting plants.  If I didn’t pay attention to him he would do a trilling little meow and butt his head against my leg.  I lifted him up at one point and put him on the table at this is what happened…

He got himself all over excited and had to get down before he exploded.  He is a beautiful cat though isn’t he?  Love those green eyes.

I planted super green things in super bright pots and sprayed them with water.  Then I got my little Mini Greenhouse started.

This is my Christmas Cactus.  Trav’s Mom, otherwise known as PJ or Penny, gave it to me this winter.  I split it into two and put it into slightly larger pots.  I am very new to gardening of any sort.  Anything I have tried to grow has died, I’m not kidding.  There is no jest here.  My thumb has been dead for so long it fell off.  I am apparently attempting to regrow a green one.  I want my Christmas Cactus to bloom like Chris’s from Envisage is!

Cilantro is deliciously green.  I hope they starting picking up a little speed, I have a pot of Basil and Chives as well.  Come on Herbs!

The Boy is requesting carrot sticks and sliced cucumber for a snack.  The Ranch Dressing doesn’t cancel out the good all the way does it?  I made him eat it standing up at the counter with a potato peeler.  The rules stand for Ranch Dressing too.  Right?  Please advise Kirsten and Michelle.

Yesterday during the snow I made It’s Snowing in April Banana Crackers.  You can order a batch here if you like.  They are very dense and a little dry, Peanut Butter Dip and ice cold milk are a must with these and they are a great after school snack.  The kids ate them up quickly and wanted more even without Peanut Butter.  Oh my, they would make delicious Banana Cracker Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

We are so doing that.

My first sale to someone NOT personally acquainted with me.  These are from a Mother to her Daughter away at College.  I made a Gift Card and everything.  I really hope she enjoys the Crackers.

To all of you, I say, Goodnight.


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